Whiskey Dick is a Real Thing

by Supplement Market

Erectile dysfunction is a problem all on its own with many causes. But one form of erectile dysfunction is pretty common and — most likely — isn’t anything to worry about. In fact, it’s a good opportunity to try out some skills in bed that don’t involve your penis. That form of erectile dysfunction is typically called Whiskey Dick and it comes from a night of fun and debauchery that gave you the guts to go up and ask your current partner to come back to your bed in the first place.

Whiskey Dick has a simple cause — too much drinking. You’re feeling great after a night home with friends. You bring a woman back home with you. You’re back at your place, when you notice you’re a little extra tipsy. You’re getting things going. You’ve set the mood and gotten her ready. Then, it strikes. You can’t get it up. There’s just nothing happening down there no matter what you do. That’s Whiskey Dick. It’s a real thing and though all that drinking made you feel invincible, it’s — as the quote goes — the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.

Prohibition isn’t the answer though. It’s worth noting that a little alcohol can actually help you out in bed. It’ll ease the tension, get you calmed down, relaxed and help you make it back to your bedroom. Alcohol is not the enemy. It’s beneficial. It’s a muscle relaxer that lowers your inhibitions. In moderation it can actually make you better in bed.

cucumber used to depict penis, limpAlcohol is a depressant. Whiskey dick isn’t limited to just whiskey. Erectile dysfunction can be tied to various drinks that are high in alcohol content. So, if you’re looking to just relax a little, lower your inhibitions and get some benefit from your night of drinking, stick to wine or beer, rather than cocktails made with liquor.

Alcohol lowers your blood pressure and slows the blood flow to your penis. This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to an erection. But sadly, there’s no specific number of drinks or volume of alcohol that we can list here for you. It’d be super convenient if there was some number that you could avoid. Put in the work, take a count of how many drinks until you get to the point where you can’t get it up. But even at the individual level, it’s not that easy. Each day’s circumstances can change your tolerance. Your tolerance level can shift on a daily basis dependent on how active you were, your mood, the medications you’re taking, what you ate, etc. Too many factors to take into account. Something to consider is the word moderation. The CDC defines binge drinking as more than five drinks over the course of two hours. That’s probably more than enough to hit you with some erectile dysfunction.

Whiskey dick isn’t the only problem associated with frequent heavy drinking. Years of constant binge drinking can impact your life and your health. Alcoholism is a serious problem with significant physical ailments associated with it. Among the effects is chronic erectile dysfunction. It can permanently impact your dick. Empirical data shows that persistent binge drinking led to chronic sexual dysfunction, lowered libido and increased incidence of premature ejaculation. The lowered libido comes from lowered testosterone. The more you drink the les your body produces beneficial hormones to your sex drive. Studies have also shown higher levels of estrogen in binge drinking. Alcohol addiction can lead to a lot of problems in your life and in your sex life. It’s also been shown to impact the volume and quality of your semen and can impact the motility of your sperm affecting your fertility. This is always worth noting when discussing the impact of alcohol on your sex life.  There are benefits, but there’s a dark side to keep in mind too.

Erectile dysfunction can be an infrequent occurrence without anything to worry about unnecessarily. This goes for Whiskey Dick too. One time, you drink too much and you can’t get it up. This is nothing to worry about, and a great opportunity to try out some other sexual techniques with your partner. There are more ways to get your partner off than using your cock.  You can finger her, try out some cunnilingus. She’ll appreciate the effort and might even forget all about your erectile dysfunction.

couple sitting on bed, disappointedBut if it starts to be a pattern, you might want to open up communication with your partner about it. You can explore new ways to potentially get harder faster. Sometimes this just happens in the normal course of your life. And exploring your other options can open up avenues that you never thought of before if you work on it with someone close to you with their own experiences.

On the other hand, if it’s a problem that’s repeating itself, you should seek professional help. Especially if erectile dysfunction rears its ugly head even without alcohol in your systems. Erectile dysfunction can point to potential physical ailments. It can be a symptom especially of vascular or heart issues given the relationship with blood flow and blood pressure. The penis and the heart go hand in hand. If you have problems with your penis, it’s definitely worth bringing to the attention of your doctor, especially if you have a history of or genetic predisposition for heart issues.

A stiff drink can be a great reward after a long hard day. But if you start using drinking as a crutch to get through a hard day. Or start hitting the bottle for more than just a drink or two a couple of times per week. Or you’re using it as a way to cope or avoid problems in your life — that’s when you need to start looking at it as a potential problem.  Just remember, alcohol isn’t the only stress release in your life. In fact, sex is a great stress release. And if you’re drinking too much, then you could end up with Whiskey Dick and you’ll lose that great — probably the best— stress relief valve in your life.

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