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There’s a lot tied to exercising and the mysteries that surround its usefulness for healthy living. One out of many fitness goals is bulking up in terms of breeding muscles and increasing body mass. Strenuous exercises such as strength-building exercises which comprise weight lifting and other forms of endurance and resistance training are necessary for this goal to become a reality in the short or long run depending on the intensity of the exercises.

The purpose of these strength training exercises is to rip the muscles so that they can become bigger and stronger when the muscles heal up again. However, for strength training exercises to be effective, there’s also the interplay of post-workout nutrition which should compose mainly of proteins and carbohydrates.

Now, here is the deal, it is assumed that when this post nutritional meal is eaten at a certain time especially when your muscles are being repaired and are recovering, you can bulk up fast. This time frame is what is known as the anabolic window.

Thus, this article is designed to satiate your needs on everything you need to know about the anabolic window – if it’s a myth or if it’s real coupled with its essence for muscle growth and general wellbeing.

Let’s quickly consider what the anabolic window is

The Anabolic Window: What Is It?

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Many people who know about the anabolic window are not hesitant to practice specific nutrient ingestion during this time as they see it as effective for adding up muscles.

The anabolic refers to a specified time (usually short and not more or less than 30 minutes) when the body is repairing worn out muscle tissues induced by strenuous exercises.  The anabolic window is based on the body’s anabolic response and thus is constructed based on the theory of anabolism.

What Then Is Anabolism?

Anabolism is a state where small molecules grow into bigger and more complex molecules. These complex and bigger molecules are then used up to form new cells and tissues including muscle. The opposite of anabolism is catabolism and it involves the breaking down of large molecules.

Usually, after every workout session, your body is thrown into the anabolic states. Thus, cellular processes needed for muscle growth and muscle repair are enhanced at this time. If the body is properly supplied with the needed amount of protein and carbs at this time, it further enhances the process.

The anabolic state theory further purports that there is a time interval which is usually 30 minutes for the whole process to take place. That is why consuming proteins and carbs at this time will increase protein synthesis in the body; replenish muscle glycogen and reduce muscle protein breakdown.

Now let’s consider if the anabolic window is good or bad for you

Is the Anabolic Window Good or Bad for You?

The anabolic window has become a widespread idea among a lot of people who are interested in building muscle mass. However, it is pertinent to point out that only little scientific proof exists to bolster what the concept stands for.

Now since there is a dearth of scientific proof; there might not be any need to take anabolic training into cognizance because it has been seen as being either good or bad for your health. Also, scientists have confirmed that consuming proteins and carbs after training is not harmful to your health. Hence, if it works well for you, just go ahead with your nutrition.

However, if you are interested in trying out the anabolic exercise, this is the right way to go about it;

Engage in strength training

Indulging in weight lifting, barbell, and dumbbell workouts are examples of strength training. Other forms include resistance band training, push-ups, and pull-ups. This specific exercise is necessary as it completely throws your body into an anabolic state.

Eat within 30 minutes after a workout

The anabolic window is purported to last for just 30 minutes. So, to get the best out of it, ensure you gulp down meals high in protein and carbs. Protein is necessary for muscle growth and bodybuilding while carbs are needed for energy to enhance the anabolic process.

Consume enough carbs and protein

As said earlier, these two nutrients are needed for muscle production. Hence, you have to just consume them. The general ration for the intake of required carbohydrates and proteins can be between the ration of 4 to 1; or 3 to 1

Hydrate your body properly

drinking lots of water

Drink enough water as water is necessary for the performance of all bodily functions. Rest well too.

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