Watch Out for these 7 Brain Tumor Signs

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Most people worry about their headaches thinking this could be a warning sign of a brain tumor. But more often than not, headaches aren’t even included in some of the warning signs. Here are 7 brain tumor signs you need to watch out for:

You have seizures

Seizures are always one of the initial signs, not considering the type of tumor. This is because the neurons in the brain become more out of control due to the irritation caused by the tumor, which causes abnormal motions. Seizures can come in a variety of forms, too. This could be full-body tremor, or flexing that’s specific to a limb or a part of your face.

You become clumsy

Watch Out for these 7 Brain Tumor Signs

It can be normal to become clumsy at times, but if you notice that this becomes more frequent and noticeable to the point of interfering with your daily tasks, it could be a warning sign. For example, you’re struggling with your grip of anything, having a difficulty with your balance, or any kind of clumsiness in your arms, legs, or hands. This kind of clumsiness can also manifest by difficulty speaking, swallowing or controlling your facial expressions.

You have bouts of numbness

Losing a sensation in a part of your face or body is another trouble you need to watch out for. If the tumor develops on the brain stem, which is the location where your brain and spinal cord connects, you could encounter loss of sensation or clumsy motions.

You find it hard to recall

Sure, tumors can significant modify a person’s behavior or qualities, but these far-reaching symptoms you sometimes hear about or even see in films are unusual. What’s more like it is that people with tumors often face memory problems along with getting confused. It can also affect the patient’s thinking capacities.

You’re nauseous

If you’re experiencing nausea and it becomes unrelenting instead of backing off, add to the fact that you don’t know why you’re suffering from it; it could be a sign of a brain tumor.

Your vision modifies

Most problems in one’s vision can be connected to tumors. With your vision going in disarray, you could also see floating spots or shapes. This is called an “aura”.

You don’t have a headache

Watch Out for these 7 Brain Tumor Signs

A lot of people associate severe headache with brain tumor. The truth is that headaches are often not an initial determinant of this lethal disease. The symptom may be experienced when dealing with a huge tumor, but they’re not typically one of the initial signs to appear.

In general, the symptoms depend on the location of a tumor. Whatever part of your head is affected is also the same spot where the symptoms become more concentrated. For example, when the tumor grows near the part of the your brain that regulates your eyesight or arms, then the warning signs could include weakness of the limb or fuzzy vision.

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