UltraCore Supplements Ultra Garcinia: Is This the Weight Loss Supplement of the Year?

by Arthur Evans

Obesity is becoming a prominent health issue among many people. Given the long work hours and inactive lifestyles, achieving a fit body is now a challenge. Therefore, people are searching for easy ways to improve their health, including plant-based approaches.

Experts recently discovered that an exotic Southern Indian plant, Garcinia cambogia, may prevent obesity. Some researchers even consider this plant as the “holy grail of weight loss” because its fruit is commonly used in Indian cuisine to decrease one’s appetite and prevent fat accumulation. 

G. Cambogia, also known as Garcinia gummi-gutta or Malabar tamarind, is endemic to Southeast Asia. The shape of the fruit of this tree resembles that of a pumpkin. Indians commonly use the peel as a condiment and remedy for various ailments. According to experts, the fruit’s peel and pulp contain compounds that have slimming, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiparasitic properties, such as hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and anthocyanins.

However, the fruits of G. Cambogia are bitter due to their high acid concentration and thus are not usually consumed raw.

Fortunately, taking Garcinia is much easier now with the increase of interest in taking the fruit as a supplement.

It’s become one of the most popular weight loss supplements due to its long-standing use as a weight loss aid and suppress overeating tendencies.

Today, we’ll discuss UltraCore Supplements Ultra Garcinia, which has been steadily increasing in popularity since its launch as part of the UltraCore Supplements product line.

Let’s see what this supplement is all about.

What is UltraCore Supplements Ultra Garcinia?

Ultra Garcinia is part of the growing UltraCore Supplements line of men’s health essentials from UltraCore Brands. According to the company, the supplement helps users lose weight without hassles.

Let’s take a look at the label below.

UltraCore Supplements Ultra Garcinia: Is This the Weight Loss Supplement of the Year?

As we can see from the label, the instructions and dosages are clear, as well as the ingredient list and what’s in the proprietary formula. Based on the label, Ultra Garcinia features a proprietary Garcinia formula that features three sources from Garcinia. The first is a fruit rind extract, the next is a 4:1 ratio standardized extract, and finally a standardized 60% extract of HCA.

The formula is completed by absorption and energy boosters such as calcium, chromium, acetyl-L carnitine, and potassium to hasten bioavailability and increase performance.

It’s good that UltraCore Supplements lays out the ingredients to their supplements on every label, including precise dosage instructions and cautions. That means they are fully transparent with their manufacturing process, at the very least, on paper. Contrast that with supplements that do not paint the full picture when it comes to the ingredient list.

We will discuss its ingredients in the following sections to understand fully how Ultra Garcinia works.

UltraCore Supplements Ultra Garcinia: Is This the Weight Loss Supplement of the Year?

How does Ultra Garcinia work?

It’s all in the Garcinia extracts that UltraCore Brands uses. Approximately 30% of active ingredients are present in the peel and pulp of G. Cambogia fruits. These ingredients mainly include biological compounds that have a specific effect on organisms. As mentioned earlier, HCA and anthocyanins are the main active ingredients of G. Cambogia.

The structure of HCA is similar to those of citric and ascorbic acids. The primary role of HCA is to convert carbohydrates into fats. On the other hand, anthocyanins, which are vegetable pigments or flavonoids present in the peel of fruits with bright colors (red, blue, or purple), are responsible for boosting the body’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer responses.

The excellent combination of ingredients makes G. Cambogia an ideal component of supplements for people who want to lose weight and those who enjoy sports and eating healthy foods – and that’s what Ultra Garcinia claims to bring to the table.

Effects and benefits of UltraCore Supplements Ultra Garcinia

Ultra Garcinia is extracted and processed straight from its bark to maximize the HCA content, which is the main slimming ingredient. The effects of HCA are summarized as follows.

  • Increased level of serotonin. Researchers performed different trials on rats and confirmed that G. Cambogia extract could increase serotonin levels, which is an appetite suppressant. As a result, food intake decreases and leads to weight loss.
  • Leptin-like activity. Many studies reported that HCA behaves like leptin, which is a hormone that suppresses appetite and increases metabolic activities.
  • Obesity prevention. Aside from inhibiting appetite, HCA blocks ATP citrate lyase, an enzyme that contributes to new adipose tissues. As a result, the growth of fatty tissues is prevented while depleting the stored fat.
  • Improvement of the lipid profile. It has been proved that high doses of G. Cambogia extract can reduce the levels of fat caused by unused calories after two months.
  • Insulin level regulation. Nutrients are transformed into energy or fat by insulin to serve as nutrients for the cells. However, high levels of insulin might cause hypertension and accelerated atherosclerosis. HCA helps regulate the levels of this hormone.
  • Hepatoprotective activity. G. Cambogia prevents the accumulation of fat deposits in the liver, reducing the risk of fatty liver disease.
  • Anti-ulcer activity. The laboratory experiments showed that G. Cambogia extract decreases the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and therefore reduces the risk of having stomach ulcers by 80%.
  • Neuromuscular and cerebral protection. HCA can protect acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for memory and coordination. 
  • Antimicrobial activity. G. Cambogia extract can hinder the growth of pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus
  • Diuretic effect. HCA helps eliminate liquids and electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, in the body.

The abovementioned effects promote weight loss while avoiding any health complications.

Who Can Benefit from Ultra Garcinia?

fit guy eating yogurt

Manufacturers utilized HCA’s advantages to produce an effective weight loss supplement that can be taken by people belonging to one of the following groups.

  • Healthy but overweight individuals. Incompatible weight loss diet regimes can cause a considerable amount of stress to the body. Therefore, a health professional should be consulted before starting any weight loss program to know the risk associated with diseases that might arise due to the diet.
  • Individuals that want to control their appetite. G. Cambogia is more effective in suppressing appetite than other supplements, such as L-carnitine. Therefore, the former is ideal for people who can hardly control their cravings.
  • Individuals that plan to try a new diet. Some people start their diet plans without consulting an expert first. A poorly drafted diet regime can aggravate weight-related problems. Including HCA in the diet plan can prevent the conversion of unused calories into body fat.
  • Active individuals. HCA prevents the transformation of unused carbohydrates into fat. Instead, it helps the body use these extra carbohydrates to create glycogen through cell processes that provide energy to the muscles.
  • Pre-menopausal or menopausal women: During the menopausal stage, women’s bodies experience hormonal readjustment, leading to weight gain. G. Cambogia supplements can effectively prevent the increase in body fat mass.

In addition to the enumerated groups of people, this supplement is useful for excessive abdominal or visceral fat. This fat surrounds the internal organs and increases the risk of serious diseases, such as cardiovascular ailments, amongst older people.

Recommended dosage and effect ofUltra Garcinia

Ultra Garcinia comes in an easy-to-consume capsule that is meant to be taken twice a day to get the daily serving size of 500-1000 mg of HCA. Each bottle contains 60 capsules that correspond to 30 daily servings or a month’s worth of Ultra Garcinia.

According to recent studies, an obvious slimming effect can be achieved by distributing 500–1000 mg of HCA. Ultra Garcinia helps you get that dose through its HCA content.

Ultra Garcinia can be maximized for its weight loss properties by supporting the supplement intake with healthy eating habits. Otherwise, only the lipid profile and blood sugar levels will be improved, and no decrease in weight can be observed.

Noticeable effects have been reported as early as two to weeks after taking Ultra Garcinia. It usually starts with a decrease in appetite. Users reported a significant reduction in appetite and weight due to the low fluid retention caused by HCA’s diuretic effect.

The actual slimming effects of HCA appear after twelve weeks of continuous intake. Such a result can be ascribed to decreased abdominal fat, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. Studies revealed that the body’s fat mass could drop by 12% after six months of treatment.

According to studies, users experience no rebound effect after discontinuing the product. Other medications often lead to the recovery of the original weight and even further weight gain. However, this is not the case for Ultra Garcinia. On this basis, Ultra Garcinia isa superior dietary supplement pound for pound, gram for gram.

Is Ultra Garcinia Effective?

Given G. Cambogia and HCA’s potential, the health and wellness industry promoted the use of this supplement. Media celebrities even testified about the excellent properties of G. Cambogia.

However, this supplement also has strict limitations that must be carefully considered. Failing to follow health safety precautions might hinder the user from achieving the product’s maximum effect and benefits.

Weight loss is promoted by three main components: HCA, 5-hydroxytryptophan, and chromium.

To achieve maximum effectiveness for Ultra Garcinia, it is recommended that the user follows the daily serving size – but never overdo it. That said, we recommend that you discuss with your doctor before going on any supplementation regimen.

The Final Verdict: Is Ultra Garcinia Worth Your Hard-Earned Cash?

G. Cambogia offers a highly promising solution for weight management by utilizing the antioxidant and slimming features of its most active ingredient—HCA. Although HCA’s effects cannot be observed immediately, it can gradually help control cravings that might lead to weight gain. However, we should be dependent on the benefits of dietary supplements. We should also discipline ourselves to achieve our fitness goals. 

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