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If you ever found yourself feeling weak at the gym, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you immediately call your doctor and see what’s wrong with you? Do you try to sleep it off and assume that it’s just your body? What if you continue to feel weak despite eating right and getting the right amount of sleep?

Many men would simply accept aging as a normal part of human decline. After all, nobody at the age of 60 can still perform as they were in their 20s. However, combat sports will tell us that an experienced 40-year-old fighter can still beat a 25-year-old stud in an all-out brawl. Several decades ago, such lopsided matchups would always be in the favor of the younger fighter, but if there’s anything that this tells us, it’s that science is finally inching closer to bridging the performance gap in age.

We’ve known for years that older men have lower testosterone. We also know that testosterone starts to decline early in your life. It’s normal for men in their 30s to start having lower testosterone levels year after year, and now, companies are investing heavily in supplement research and development, to come up with products that will efficiently and effectively increase testosterone levels naturally.

This year, a new player in the testosterone-boosting segment has emerged. UltraCore Power, a unique brand that promises to enhance testosterone production and bioavailability, has made quite a stir in the industry with its high-dosage formulas and competitive membership benefits. On paper, UltraCore Power looks unfairly superior to the other established brands in the industry. After all, it contains 4-5 times more supplement content than the average supplement. There’s no question that UltraCore Power is beginning to take over the industry, and the only question is – does it really work? We’ll answer that question and more in this review.

What is UltraCore Power?

UltraCore Power is a premier testosterone-boosting supplement with strong performance-boosting qualities. It is composed of three different supplement products, Male Ultracore, Ultra Prime, and Ultra Edge. These supplements are created and developed by UltraCore Power to function as a single product that can greatly enhance free and total testosterone, blood flow, cognitive performance, and confidence.

UltraCore Power has been reviewed by no less than 30 different websites at the time of writing. It’s also reported that UltraCore Power is behind the show 2 The Maxx, an extreme sports show airing on NBC Sports this year. There’s no question that UltraCore Power is one of the most successful brands in the industry today, and that’s all because of the brand’s seemingly bulletproof formula.

The Science behind UltraCore Power

male testosterone levelsUltraCore Power’s daily serving equals to 5525mg. The main supplement, Male UltraCore should be taken every morning, and its booster supplements, Ultra Prime and Ultra Edge, at night. This round-the-clock intake of supplements allow the formula to have more impact on the body, and here’s how UltraCore Power makes it happen.

The main supplement, Male UltraCore, is already a heavy-hitter, with more than 2200mg of supplement content per dose. This formula is composed of highly-potent testosterone boosters and vasodilators, all capable of improving a person’s energy and performance. When taken as a standalone supplement, Male UltraCore is already more effective than the average testosterone-boosting supplement. It contains standardized extracts, and it’s powered by STEM and VI-PEX technology, developed by UltraCore Power to target specific physiological objectives. STEM increases testosterone production, buildup, and retention, while VI-PEX enhances vasodilation to enhance absorption and nutrient delivery. This system alone makes Male UltraCore highly-effective, and most men would already be satisfied with the results from just a single supplement out of the three supplements of UltraCore Power.

The function of the booster supplements Ultra Prime and Ultra Edge is simply to enhance the impact of Male UltraCore in the body. Ultra Prime extends the effect of Male UltraCore, and it optimizes the bioavailability and the absorption of the nutrients in the formula, while Ultra Edge contains ingredients that work in perfect synergy with all the other ingredients in the formula to maximize its impact on the body. This seamless integration of the main and booster supplements allow UltraCore Power to deliver never-before-seen results in testosterone supplements.

UltraCore Power users can expect significant results in just 1-2 months of taking UltraCore Power. Most testosterone boosters can only contribute to muscle growth, metabolism, and libido, while UltraCore Power completely sets the right conditions that allow you to transform your body and greatly enhance your libido and confidence.

We’ve never seen a product quite like UltraCore Power before, and that’s why we found ourselves completely dumbstruck when reviewing this supplement. How exactly can you give commentary on a product that is clearly superior compared to everything we’ve ever seen?

The Secret of UltraCore Power

If you’ve followed some of our reviews, we make it a point to expose an element or a factor of the supplement that is not known to the public. We pride ourselves in being the first group online that has exposed products for charging unreasonable fees or having underpowered formulas. This time, it’s different.

We examined UltraCore Power – every ingredient, every formulation, we even took a closer look at their customer service team, and we couldn’t find anything that hasn’t been shared or divulged by UltraCore Power. This is possibly the most transparent supplement you’ll ever see – and it’s quite risky. It’s clear that UltraCore Power is counting on the smarts of its customers to see the real value of their product. Here’s why –

Normally, products in the male enhancement or testosterone-boosting category would hide or at least mask the fact that they are charging monthly membership fees for their product. As a result, customers are enraged and surprised with charges suddenly appearing on their bank or credit card. With UltraCore Power, it’s completely different. UltraCore Power openly discusses its product as a membership-based product. They do so by explaining the many benefits of being an UltraCore Power customer, and this makes their customers aware that UltraCore Power will charge their account monthly for a membership fee.

For us, it makes sense for UltraCore Power to make their membership enticing for their customers. After all, supplements only work if you take them for months, and that’s why UltraCore Power is one of the most effective brands out there – customers actually stay with them long enough to experience the results. But that doesn’t take away the fact that the formula itself is power-packed, and because of this, most of their customers experience a significant improvement in their performance with just a month of taking UltraCore Power.

As a customer, how can you not want to become an UltraCore Power member? You literally have everything you want in the product. Members get exclusive discounts and free products on top of having the most dominant testosterone-boosting product on the market. It does seem that the secret of UltraCore Power isn’t hidden at all. It’s staring us right in the face. UltraCore Power is successful because it has created the perfect situation where customers get the best value out of the best product in the market today. It’s a win for the brand, and it’s also a win for the customer.

UltraCore Power Exclusive Customer Benefits

Here’s where UltraCore Power truly shines brighter than other supplements. You can compare UltraCore Power’s ingredients with any other brand and you’ll see why it’s better and more effective. You can also compare the benefits of UltraCore Power and you’ll see that no other brand takes care of their customers the same way that UltraCore Power does. Here’s why-


How much do you spend on your other supplements and vitamins every month? We estimate that a man who’s fully committed to fitness would average about $70-100 every month on health supplements. UltraCore Power gives you not just its 3 performance-boosting supplements, but an additional health supplement of your choice every month. There are 12 different Ultracore Essentials supplements, and you can choose one free supplement to be added to your package every month, starting on your first rebill. These supplements are normally priced at $50, and you get one full 30-day supply every month. You also get a 50% discount if you need another supplement aside from the one you get for free. You have the freedom to choose which supplement you get every month so you won’t get stuck with a free supplement you no longer need.


Let’s be honest here – UltraCore Power will NOT have any significant change in your physique if you don’t exercise or work out. That’s why the package includes access to one of the best home fitness programs available today – XR30. You get 12 workouts, each lasting 30 minutes each. The workouts are designed to have easy-to-perform routines with the biggest impact on a person’s physique. If you’re overweight, you burn fat at a much higher rate. If you want to bulk up, XR30 will help you gain lean muscle that you can sustain. Having XR30 is perhaps the smartest addition to the benefits that UltraCore Power customers get since it puts the powerful UltraCore Power formula to use.


UltraCore Power members get a jaw-dropping 40% off in their second month onwards. This is what truly makes UltraCore Power a better value option for consumers. You only pay full price ONCE. Everything else that comes after is discounted by at least 40%. That’s not all; customers also get an additional 10% discount on their fourth month onwards. You only pay HALF to maintain the progress you’ve had with UltraCore Power, and that’s what truly makes this product amazing. If you gained the best results in three months with UltraCore Power, would you give it up if you’re just paying half the price? Absolutely not.

The benefits that UltraCore Power customers get is what really sets it apart from other male performance-enhancing supplements. Sure, other brands can sell ridiculous stacks to try and match UltraCore Power, but they will never be the first to really take care of their customers the way UltraCore Power does.


We always get questVPX Redline White Heat – Is it all that?ions about the products we review. Here are our answers to some of the most common questions we get from our readers:

  1. Is UltraCore Power effective?

Yes. There’s no doubt about it. You can examine every ingredient that UltraCore Power has, and every medical research website will tell you that the ingredients are proven by science to increase testosterone, blood flow, focus, and stress management. That alone should be enough proof that the product is effective, but if that’s not enough for you, there are literally hundreds of reviews online that will tell you definitively that UltraCore Power is effective.

  1. Will UltraCore Power charge me monthly?

Yes, if you buy directly from their website. You have the option to cancel at any time without any penalties. Compared to other alternatives such as bulk buying, you still get better value with UltraCore Power’s monthly membership charges since you won’t have to shell out a huge sum of money just to save. You won’t also have to store a dozen supplements for a year. You get a fresh batch of UltraCore Power supplements every month, and you can decide on a month to month basis if you want to continue your membership or not.

  1. Does UltraCore Power have a guarantee?

Yes. UltraCore Power gives you a 90-day money-back guarantee. That should give you plenty of time to evaluate the product and decide if it works for you or not. In the unlikely chance that you find that UltraCore Power isn’t as effective as you expected, you can call in and request a full refund. It’s that simple.


UltraCore Power is unique in many ways, and its willingness to carve its own path in the industry made all the difference. You get an excellent product that other brands cannot match, and you have the best customer program that makes customers want to stay with the product. UltraCore Power isn’t a fly-by-night company. With its outrageous discounts, free products, and a money-back guarantee, the brand is practically betting on itself that you will love the results you get from it. That’s superior confidence coming from the guys who made UltraCore Power. Would you think that they are UltraCore Power users themselves? I’d bet on it.


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