Does True Slim Tea Actually Work?

by Supplement Market
Does True Slim Tea Actually Work?

The FDA approved True Slim Tea is a natural herb concotion designed to cleanse the organs, unblock the digestive system to help you feel slimmer and lighter. It works to eliminating bloating and rev up that slow metabolism to help your food become surplus energy instead of cellulite and fat. Weight loss teas help users stay hydrated instead of just highly caffeinated. Li-Si-Zhen invented this herbal tea after years working as a master herbalist.

Main Product Promises….

Pack of 30 bags

Proven an outstanding natural “helper” to reduce weight

Reduces bloating, improves metabolism and cleanses the digestive system

Remove excessive fat deposits from your body

True Slim Tea Main Ingredients

Ingredients of True Slim TeaNatural Oriental Herbs, bamboo leaf, and Malva Verticellata.

The ingredient list is very short and there is not more information available about whether or not this is the full ingredient list or if this list is the full thing but just short.

What you get with True Slim Tea

You are buying a healthy weight loss support tea that is really reasonably priced. It helps your body cleanse itself, facilitating increased bow movements to help toxins exit the body instead of marinating in the colon.The tea costs $3.99, but extra strength costs $2.00. Both regular and extra strength can be purchased through the True Slim website or the Amazon marketplace.

Warnings & Side Effects

  • increased bowl movements
  • cramping
  • first time users should only drink one cup a day to see how their body reacts
  • dilute the tea as much as necessary once you see how your body reacts
  • Do NOT drink more than two tea bags a day
  • IF you are pregnant or nursing do not use
  • The company does not claim the product is efficient
  • Try regular strength before trying Regular Plus or Extra Strength
  • Drink the tea as hot as you safely can for best results

Is True Slim Tea Efficient?

Increase bowel movementsIt is a little sketchy that the FDA will not allow the company to claim the product actually works. This could just be the FDA’s mistrust of herbalism which is backed by centuries of evidence that it does work. The tea was created by a renowned master herbalist. True Slim Tea is available in various strengths and I would recommend drying the regular before moving up to regular plus or extra strength. It is essentially a laxative tea/ diruretic. If you are backed up this could be the answer, otherwise laxatives aren’t really a healthy way to consistently try and lose weight. I think this is a successful short term solution to backed up digestion and bloating that is incredibly affordable.

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