The Lowdown on UltraCore Supplements Ultra Boost: Does it Work?

by Arthur Evans

Men who are trying to shape their bodies and build muscle are familiar with products that boost testosterone. Those who are trying to improve their performance and libido in the bedroom are also acquainted with these supplements. 

Unlike what many people believe, these products are made to boost your body’s production of testosterone, they do not actually have testosterone in them. 

Nitric Oxide is very important to the human body. Many cells in the body create it, but when it comes to acquiring a body that is in shape and improving your performance, then you may need a booster. You can find Nitric Oxide in some foods but also in supplements such as Ultra Boost, which is made from natural ingredients.

If you opt for a supplement, then Ultra Boost may be a good choice. A supplement such as this one improves the levels of nitric oxide in your body. This helps relax the muscles in your blood vessels and thus widen them, enabling the blood to flow naturally throughout the body. 

This healthy blood flow is especially important for a man and his performance in the bedroom as it helps him get erections. When exercising too, more blood can reach the muscles, which helps and speeds up their development. 

As men get older, they encounter more and more issues when it comes to blood flow. Ultra Boost is designed to help men deal with such problems.

What are these natural ingredients?

The Lowdown on UltraCore Supplements Ultra Boost: Does it Work?

Before taking anything, it is very important that you read what the product is made up of and what it contains. This way, you make sure that whatever is in it can help you improve your physique and not harm your health instead. 

L-arginine Blend

This is the primary ingredient of Ultra Boost, 1600mg of it. L-arginine is an amino acid that produces proteins. Some studies have shown that this amino acid improves the creation of nitric oxide in the human body. Most of these studies opt to observe and research the impact L-arginine has on the cardiovascular system. However, some studies have also dealt with the impact it has on the general health of a male as well as their reproduction. 

Each 1600mg capsule contains:

  • L-arginine
  • A-AKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate)
  • A-KIC (arginine alpha-ketoisocaproic acid)
  • OKG (ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate)
  • GKG (glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate)

L-arginine can be found in a variety of foods and can be increased with an adequate diet. However, this may not be enough when you consistently work out or as you get older. 

This is why it is suggested that an adult man should take 1500 to 3000mg of it per day, to help the body grow and stay healthy. Ultra Boost helps with that.

Possible side effects of taking UltraCore Supplements Ultra Boost

The Ultra Boost manufacturers maintain that their supplements don’t cause any side effects due to the products being made with all-natural ingredients, such as A-AKG, A-KIC, OKG, GKG. These ingredients are known to not affect the health of adult males who have no medical issues. 

However, some people have come out with their personal experiences, showing that this supplement can negatively impact the body, especially the gastrointestinal system, which can lead to digestive problems.

While these natural ingredients should not affect the healthy adult, taking these supplements may have negative effects on those who have previous medical issues. Negative side effects can also happen after ingesting bigger doses of L-Arginine. 

Here are some of the side effects that have been mentioned by users:

  • Issues with the gastrointestinal system such as cramps and painful sensations
  • pain which occurs during urination
  • heartburn
  • bloating (acid indigestion)
  • diarrhea
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • coughing
  • low blood pressure

You need to be sure that you are physically healthy before taking supplements such as Ultra Boost. In the case that you have a history of cardiovascular diseases or any other medical issues, it may be better for you to avoid these supplements.

Make sure to check before using such a product and make sure not to exceed the daily dosage, which means only two capsules per day. 


Is it worth the price?

heavy tire gym workout

UltraCore Supplements produces a variety of health supplements and testosterone boosters which you can buy with a monthly subscription.

Ultra Boost can be retailed on websites such as Amazon for $49.95 per bottle. 

You can also purchase the product on their official website  Each bottle contains 60 capsules which are enough for thirty days of recommended daily intake. 

By signing up for Club UltraCore, their platform for online customer management, you can enjoy a variety of perks and benefits. Membership is free. 

If you already bought a product of theirs, you will be automatically signed up to the platform and you get one free supplement from their varied catalog. Additionally, you can purchase other UltraCore supplements at 50% off.

If you decide that UltraCore supplements work for you, then this Club UltraCore deal may be the best option cost-wise. 

Does it actually work, or is it a fraud?

For starters, as mentioned above, people should keep in mind that these products don’t contain testosterone and that they cannot be used as a testosterone booster. 

Ultra Boost is designed to improve and enhance the levels of nitric oxide in a body. By doing so, it also has proven benefits on the human body such as increased blood flow. This way it could also influence the production of testosterone and have other benefits, but there is a lack of quantity of proof to be able to factually claim that. 

This product does affect the cardiovascular system by boosting the levels of nitric oxide, but it cannot fully guarantee that users will be able to achieve their desired body physique or performance in the bedroom. 

Additionally, as mentioned previously, Ultra Boost cannot guarantee that the user won’t experience any side effects from taking these supplements. 

Ultra Boost should be used by adults who have no previously known medical issues to give themselves a sort of “boost” and a burst of energy that will increase their performance.

Before taking Ultra Boost, you should consult with your doctor or physician to get personal medical advice and guidance on the consumption of such supplements. 

Frequently Asked Questions About UltraCore Supplements Ultra Boost

Is UltraCore Supplements Ultra Boost safe to consume?

As mentioned, taking these supplements in a way that is recommended by medical and healthcare professionals should not have any extreme side effects on your body. 

If you are a healthy individual with no evidence of prior medical issues, the one active ingredient in this product should not cause any major health problems. 

However, if you have had prior issues, then you should consult your doctor to check if you should take these supplements.

Where can I purchase this product?

You can buy it on the distributor’s official website, by joining for their Club UltraCore membership, or through a separate retailer like Amazon, for example.

The safest option is, of course, the official website, if you want to avoid any risks. 

When will it show results?

Many of us would like immediate progress. However, as is the case with any supplements, you cannot expect to have clear showing results after one day or even a week of intake. 

In order for the product to work, you need to have a continued intake of two capsules a day for a period of one to three months. 

What is AKG (Alpha-Ketoglutarate)?

Alpha-Ketoglutarate also referred to as 2-oxoglutarate, is a derivative of glutaric acid. 

It has multiple roles in the functions of human metabolism. It is active in many pathways, helping muscles grow and healing wounds.

It is a key part of the Krebs cycle. The Krebs cycle is a series of chemical reactions that occur in all breathing (aerobic) organisms, that is to say, those who require oxygen to survive. The Krebs cycle is part of the production of energy in a body. 

How is AKG Used in Bodybuilding?

As it promotes muscle growth and protein creation, it can be possible to use AKG to build muscle mass and increase the strength of bodybuilders. 

AKG is an anti-catabolic supplement, which, in the world of bodybuilders, means that it prevents the degradation of muscle mass. Some say that this anti-catabolic effect actually reduces the damage muscles endure, which increases the stamina and the longevity of exercise time. 

AKG enhances the production of glutamine which may decrease exhaustion and soreness in muscles after a hard and long exercise session. This way AKG can help you recover quicker. 

AKG is also said to decrease lactic acid. if this acid builds up too much, it can cause fatigue and cramps. AKG is said to prevent this excess by increasing the uptake of oxygen. 

How does AKG Interact with Energy?

The Krebs cycle happens in the mitochondria, the well known “power plants” of the cell. Mitochondria are the parts of the cell that provide the energy for any chemical reactions which occur in the cell. 

Cells that require and use more energy, such as muscle and fat cells, have more mitochondria. During exercise or any taxing activity, the energy in muscles is used more quickly which is why the need for more mitochondria. 

AKG transports Creatine, a substance found in muscle cells that boosts energy during heavy exercising. 

During the Krebs cycle process, AKG serves as a source for glutamate and glutamine. These in turn boost the synthesis of proteins and prevent the decrease of protein in muscles. 

AKG has usages in healthcare as it promotes muscle tissue healing. It can also be used to prevent a decline in proteins for patients after surgery.

What is OKG (Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate)?

Ornithine Alpha-ketoglutarate is a synthesis product of two amino acids, ornithine, and alpha-ketoglutarate. It is a salt that has various uses.

It is ingested orally, usually to help increase and grow muscle, which is why it is often used in bodybuilding as an ingredient of supplements. It is also used for HIV/AIDS, ulcers, open wounds, and burns. 

Some studies show that OKG has more effect than consuming either ornithine or AKG on their own. Ultra Boost contains both OKG and AKG. 

What is A-AKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate)?

Arginine or L-arginine is an amino acid created in the human body. It is a precursor to nitric oxide. Some studies think that supplemental L-arginine actually augments the production of nitric acid, which then leads to an enhanced blood flow. 

In turn, this enhanced blood flow leads to an easier delivery of nutrients to muscles, quicker recovery of the muscle fiber as well as better stamina and endurance. 

Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate is a salt created by the synthesis of two amino acids, arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate. 

A-AKG affects processes such as hormonal discharge, eradication of lethal waste products in the body, and immune system processes. 

It is said that the consumption of A-AKG stores more  Creatine, which increases the energy of bodybuilders and other athletes. 

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