Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub Review: Is it Effective?

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub Summary

This Brown Sugah Scrub is manufactured by the Carol’s Daughter company. They claim that it is a scrub which improves the health and quality of skin all over the body. The scrub contains natural elements which function together to provide nourishing and cleansing skin benefits.

Many exfoliating scrubs do remove debris and dead skin, but generally damage health skin along the way. They say this product removes dead skin cells while nurturing it to bring out radiant, soft skin.

This formula is said to be infused with natural ingredients chosen cleanse down to pore level and penetrate deeply to soften and rejuvenate tired skin. Skin care companies make amazing claims in the market place on a regular basis. This inquiry is to dig down to discover the facts behind these claims.

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub Ingredients and Functions

Brown sugar crystals are added to this formula to exfoliate dead cells away.

brown-sugar-scrub-ingredients-evening-primrose-oilSunflower oil is rich in Linoleic acid has been proven to trigger anti-inflammatory actions. Its properties also protect the skin from moisture loss through the formation of a barrier.

Olive oil is a known antibacterial agent that supplies the skin with intense hydration. It is a non-comedogenic moisturizer which has the ability to reduce inflammation. Olive oil provides the skin with vitamins A and E.

Vitis vinifera is better known as grape seed extract and it possesses AHA or alpha hydroxy acids. It is said to exfoliate dead skin cells while quenching the new healthy skin hiding below and lighten dark marks.

Avocado hydrates the skin while gently lifting away dead, rough cells. It provides the skin with nutrients such as antioxidants; carotenoids; vitamin C and E; and healthy fatty acids.

Evening Primrose oil is known for its skin moisturizing and revitalizing properties. It soothes tired skin and conditions to smooth fine lines.

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub Dosage

The directions tell users to scrub the body with each bath or shower.

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub Pros and Cons

Sugar crystals

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub Pros

There is a great deal of scientific data for the ingredients in this formula.

This scrub is said to contain no parabens; petroleum; mineral oil; or artificial colors.

The company provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub Cons

Consumer feedback is nearly non-existent.

This is a pricey scrub.

This manufacturer does not honor refunds for products bought anywhere other than the official company website.

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub Shop Spot

A large number of skin care websites site sell this product, but it cannot be found on the company webpage. It is around $30 to $35 for a 12-ounce jar.

Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub Conclusion

It seems highly suspect that this product is not listed on the Carol’s Daughter webpage. This is not a wise purchase as that is only place the manufacturer will honor refunds.

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