Review of Vimax’s Penis Patch

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Review of Vimax’s Penis Patch

Penis Patch basically is a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, though the quickness of the outcome may be an issue. Penis Patch’s manufacturer, Vimax, asserts that their product can boost the size of the penis by an average of 2 inches, as well as increase the circumference by 25%. This may be the outcome for some users, but it may be different for some. In terms of treating Erectile Dysfunction though, Penis Patch can maybe help.

Erectile Dysfunction is a huge concern for several men. This can be caused by multiple factors, such as age, medical problems, stress and many others.

ED isn’t a serious condition, but it can pose as an emotional and mental dilemma as this affects a man’s confidence and his relationship with his partner.

There have been numerous remedies made to treat this condition such as mechanical devices, operations or surgeries, and enhancement pills but all seem to come up short.

To further address this problem, some scientists worked together and came up with Penis Patch. Through this, men now have an alternative to rectify their situation by simply putting a patch anywhere on their body.

But can the patch on the body really work just like that? Read further to find out.

How does it work?

There’s science involved in the creation of Penis Patch and it’s quite remarkable. Making use of numerous components that are all natural, Penis Patch was created to increase a man’s penis size and circumference via the transdermal delivery system.

For those who are not familiar, transdermal means “through the skin”. Thus, the components in this product are integrated into the body through absorption directly through the skin and eventually into the bloodstream.

This is unlike other products like pills that must be taken orally for digestion before reaching the bloodstream. In this case, crucial components are already gone before they can be efficient.

Thus, the use of the transdermal delivery in Penis Patch is way more advantageous than other products.


87bSeeing how Penis Patch is a promising product, it is obvious that it’s been designed to obtain a particular outcome.

But what’s really the expected outcome? Can this product live up to its promise by the natural ingredients it contains?

Checking its ingredients, we learned that it contains stimulants that are natural, aphrodisiacs, and blood purifiers. This includes:

Ginseng – There are various kinds of Ginseng: American, Korean, and Siberian. Ginseng stimulates sexual functions. For centuries, it has been taken to address sexual concerns among men. Apart from this, it also works by decreasing the effects of environmental pathogens.

Damiana – This aphrodisiac functions like the way the testosterone does to improve a man’s sexual health. To top it off, it can also combat mental ailments like depression and some types of anxiety that frequently causes Erectile Dysfunction and impotence.

Gotu Kala – This one purifies blood, which aids in the making of nerve stamina and removing exhaustion.

As mentioned, there are lots of premier ingredients found in this product. Because these natural components are known for their real functions and potency, this gives us no reason to be hesitant of the product’s efficiency.

Final Verdict

Man Wearing Nicotine Patch --- Image by © Larry Mulvehill/CorbisMan Wearing Nicotine Patch — Image by © Larry Mulvehill/Corbis

This product is a viable solution for Erectile Dysfunction. The thing is, can it keep up for long?

Vimax states that Penis Patch can boost penis length with an average of 2 inches increase and increase the circumference at the same time by 25%.

While this works among some men, it may not be the case for others. Expectations cannot be set that high because every man has specific needs. But of course, in general, Penis Patch is worth checking out.

This being said, Penis Patch is still a recommended solution to address male sexual issues such as Erectile Dysfunction and small penis.

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