Review of Cutting Gel

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Review of Cutting Gel

There’s a whole new way to getting a sculpted figure with Cutting Gel topical treatment. Instructions have never been so straightforward. Just apply this product on the part of your body you want to shape, and voila, you’re done.Though its production was temporarily halted in the US before, Cutting Gel has now returned in the country under brand-new marketers. Novex Biotech and NutriSport entered a deal in which the latter will be the one to act as the official seller of the incredible muscle defining product Cutting Gel Formula.It’s natural for us to be a little hesitant towards a product with such a history, but we opted to give it another shot.

How it works?

Review of Cutting Gel

Cutting Gel’s main ingredient is the famous asthma treatment Aminophylline. There have been a few studies that arrived to the conclusion that this ingredient can reduce fatty tissue if topically used. However, the proofs aren’t enough to consider Aminophylline as an effectual ingredient for losing weight.

It is also important to note that the FDA hasn’t evaluated this product yet. In fact, those cynics strongly think that it’s the rigorous exercise accompanying the use of Cutting Gel that generates ideal results.


Truthfully, it was tough to have something good to say about this product. Its effectiveness claims and absurd approach for losing weight are puzzling it’s strange why anyone would really go for it.

To be fair, Cutting Gel does not have stimulants. This is a good thing because it can be put directly to the skin for the sake of convenience. It’s also mobile so you can carry it wherever you go.

It’s also good that there’s a warning sign on the label saying that the product should not be applied to the whole body. This is because many people cannot deal with too much Epidril on their skin.

It’s interesting to note that some of the customers are actually happy with the product. Some of the good reviews mention about its effectiveness on the stomach area. Generally though, Cutting Gel isn’t worth the fuss.


Though we do our best to maintain professionalism in our reviews and not overly criticize a product, we have to be honest about Cutting Gel not having any quality.

Its claims of body fat reduction are apparently over-the-top. As a matter of fact, FTC is presently onto NutraSport, the makers of the product, for spreading unverified claims about Cutting Gel’s safety and effectiveness. This is why it is tough to buy this product online.

It is important to know that NutraSport opted to stop the production of Epidril. It only made its comeback in 2009 when Novex Biotech purchased the product’s rights. Up to now, we do not know if Cutting Gel is really safe for daily use and if it really produces any ideal outcome.

Product Cost

For $70, you can have a bottle of Cutting Gel that can be purchased from the official website. At such a price, it is considered a bit expensive since it doesn’t have any other ingredients for burning of fat, control of appetite, muscle growth, or any components for a faster metabolism.


Reduce fat tissuesCutting Gel is a practical choice if you’re seeking to change Cellulean. The ingredients found in this product have been found to reduce fat tissue when used on the skin, though this hasn’t been proven significantly.On the other hand, we find it uncomfortable to recommend products that were stopped before, specifically the ones that may utilize bizarre techniques. Still, it may be proven effective by some people.

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