Review of Added Protection III: Is this Product Genuine?

by Supplement Market

At a Glance

This supplement features a complete list of nutrients that comes from 30 vitamins and minerals in addition to two amino acids. These amino acids are methionine and cysteine, which are rare in the Western health and diet industry. To top it off, Added Protection III contains antioxidants like beta-carotene, which guarantees better health.

How the Product Functions?

Added Protection III works it magic by giving the cells in the body all the necessary nutrients to get them work more efficiently. The nutrients in this supplement are also natural with no synthetic flavors, coloring, sweeteners, and preservatives. What’s more is that this supplement also has the most wholesome and hypoallergenic components out there.

Getting to Know the Ingredients Used

shutterstock_400222762Here are the ingredients used in Added Protection III: vitamin A, Beta carotene, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E succinate, Vitamin K1, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, niacinamide, pantonthenic acid, Vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin b12,biotin, choline, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, chromium, selenium, molybdenum, vanadium, Boron 2, PABA, inositol, citrus bioflavanoids, DL-methionine and L-cysteine.

When to Expect Results?

It actually only takes Added Protection III one week to show its positive effects. This is because this product has a high potency. Obviously, it works faster when weighed against similar supplements. The reason for this is that Added Protection III delivers so many nutrients that enable the cells to work farther so that the metabolism increases. As this happens, the strength of the supplement itself intensifies, thus its quick results. Additionally, because of the improved metabolism, your appetite will also increase.

What are the Positive Points?

It works fast courtesy of its premier development.

It supplies the required nutrients in the body’s cells, heightening your metabolic rates.

The components are just suitable for the regulation of the blood consistency.

Some of the elements in this product can actually benefit the heart.

What are the Negative Points?

Due to the various components, there could be interactions. If this happens, Added Protection III is more of a health risk rather than a health benefit.

According to the company behind it, you have to consume 6 pills per day. This sounds a lot of pills and can be troublesome for many to consistently do.

It has Vitamin K, which is a recognized component that can lead an interaction with the medicinal drugs warfarin and caumarin.

It has iron, which causes serious poisoning in infants if taken excessively.

Health Precautions and Safety Reminders

Check with your child’s pediatrician before letting babies use this. You have to be well-hydrated when taking this product because of its high mineral content. The better the roughage the faster this product works. Avoid using Added Protection III if you’re taking medications, pregnant or breastfeeding, or suffering from health issues that have to do with your heart, pancreas, spleen, or liver. If you’re also taking another brand of supplement, do not use with this product at the same time.

What Adverse Reactions to Expect?

In addition to a heightened appetite, Added Protection III also triggers skin rashes, itchiness, discoloration of the teeth, body odor and bad breath if used for a long duration, headaches, nausea, and dehydration. Actually, these adverse reactions can be handled properly as long as the wastes in your body are flushed out. This makes hydration more essential. It is actually advisable to consume water that’s equivalent to half your body weight. Also, don’t forget to take a shower everyday.

Have there been Clinical Studies Conducted?

shutterstock_87516784Added Protection III has recycler components. This is not unusual since other supplements do the same as well, except for the amino acids methionine and cysteine. This is why supplements have the same side effects. In a clinical study, it was found that each of the ingredient does not really cause adverse reactions when used independently. The side effects are actually caused by the integration of these ingredients and taken simultaneously.

What Is the Suggested Dosage and the Cost of Added Protection III?

The cost of Added Protection III depends on where you’re making your purchase. Recommended quantity, as mentioned earlier, is six tablets daily. Added Protection III is loaded in containers that can carry 180 tablets.

What Users Have to Say?

The major complaints received about Added Protection III are its poor taste and the side effects. The adverse reactions, as reported by customers, are nausea, stomach bloating, and constipation. But health wise and in terms of effectiveness, customers are pleased with the results as Added Protection III can really improve one’s health. As long as you can contain the side effects, this supplement can deliver the right kind of nutrients your body needs.

Added Protection III – Final Thoughts

This supplement can provide your body the required nutrition for an improved health and overall wellness. You can actually enjoy the efficiency of Added Protection III just as long as you can bear the uneasiness it brings due to the side effects. Also, you have to be cautious when using this supplement as inappropriate use may cause health repercussions. Overall, this is a great supplement that can boost your health, though your general well-being still depends on your lifestyle and not on a supplement alone.

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