Prosvent Review: Is it effective:

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Prosvent Review: Is it effective:

Prosvent Summary

Prosvent Review: Is it effective:Research shows that nearly 80% of men beyond 60 years of age are subject to experience prostate issues. It is believed that 30 million men currently suffer from an enlarged prostate and that statistic rises daily.Prosvent was designed to address this crisis including benign prostate hyperplasia, acute prostatitis, and prostate cancer as well as the symptoms therein. The makers share the name of the supplement and were guided by a Dr. Lawrence May who is a Harvard Medical School graduate.They claim that this combination of ingredients can not only protect the prostate against these health issues, but actually correct those which currently exist. Prosvent also claim that their product is more powerful than others of its kind.

Prosvent Ingredients and Functions

Prosvent Review: Is it effective:Beta-Sitosterol is classified under phytosterols and is found in most all plants which has shown an ability to enhance sexual desire while shrinking an enlarged prostate.Saw Palmetto, a derivative of a tiny palm tree, is said to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate as well as prevent hormone related prostatic cancer.Stinging Nettle extract contains not one, but several properties which reduce prostate size and each of them through a separate mechanism. It also inhibits the synthesis of estrogen further promoting a healthy prostate.Pygeum Africanum provides powerful phytosterols which have an anti-proliferative effect on cancer cells of the prostate. It can also improve difficulties in urination.Pumpkin Seed oil is the subject of a number of Hungarian studies that found it can reduce the size of the prostate by 1/3 and prohibits dihydrotestosterone conversion thought to be responsible for the enlargement.Though studies are currently under way on the exact mechanisms, vitamin D inhibits the aggressiveness of carcinoma in the prostate and stifles tumorigenesis.Lycopene is one of the most powerful weapons against cancer on the planet which applies especially to that in the prostate.Zinc is thought to be a star player in the health of the prostate and those diagnosed with various prostate conditions were found to have at least a 50% plasma as well as tissue zinc reduction.

The makers advise taking one capsule twice per day.

Prosvent Pros and Cons

Prosvent Pros

  • Each component in this formula has undergone intense scientific study.
  • The blend design was guided by a Harvard graduate.
  • The largest majority of customer reviews sheds a positive light on Prosvent.
  • The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Prosvent Cons

  • There are no clinical trials for the exact formula in Prosvent.
  • Not all reviews for its use are positive.
  • Consumers have a maximum of 30 days to return the product for a refund.
  • The committed use of this supplement is pricey.

Shop Spot

There are many websites which carry Prosvent including its official business site and Amazon. It is about $60 for 60 capsules which is a 30-day supply.


There are many good reviews for using Prosvent and the properties in it have scientific backing. There are also a few which are negative, many directed at customer service, and the end product has not been tested. While the makers offer a guarantee, it must be requested within 30 days. This seems like an unwise purchase decision.

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