ProState Relief Review: Is it effective?

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ProState Relief Review: Is it effective?

ProState Relief Summary

Solution of prostate issuesProState is a self-proclaimed completely natural homeopathic mixture for frequent urination, especially nocturia. It is manufactured by Native Remedies and they say it is registered with the Food and Drug Administration.It is said to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate which relieves the pressure of the inflammation and allows urine to flow more freely. It is natural for the prostate to grow as a man ages which can also complicate bathroom breaks. The botanical ingredients in ProState Relief are said to alleviate the pain as well.Aging men are confronted with prostate issues on a daily basis and this places them at a greater risk of developing any one of a number of prostate diseases including prostatic cancer. Native Remedies claims that the properties in their formula dramatically reduces the risk of developing prostatic cancer.

ProState Relief Ingredients and Functions

ProState Relief - IngredientsSabal Serrulata, also known as Saw Palmetto, is native to North America and was used by the Mayans and Seminoles long ago. It is said to deliver about the same results as many prescriptions for benign prostate hyperplasia minus the erectile dysfunction. In clinical studies it decreased inflammation of the prostate and tamed an overactive bladder. Cubeba is a member of a group of remedies for phytotherapy which down regulates androgen receptors thereby retarding prostate tumor growth. It further inhibits testosterone conversion to dihydrotestosterone all of which indicates that it interferes in several androgen signaling pathways. Chimaphila Umbellata, sometimes called Prince’s Pine, is often used to treat Prostatitis and BPH. The inflammation from these disorders restricts urine flow and this compound reduce swelling of the prostate as well as increases urinary output. Poison Parsley, or Conium Maculatum, is frequently used in conjunction with Sabal Serrulata and is said to be more potent. It too is thought to produce anti-inflammatory actions as well as boost the libido increasing sexual desire. This supplement is to be taken on an empty stomach. 2 tablets or 4 pellets should be taken approximately every 3 hours. Follow up with 2 tablets or 4 pellets 3 times each day repeating for 5 days.

ProState Relief Pros and Cons

ProState Relief Pros

  • It is registered with the Food and Drug Administration.
  • There ingredients can be research to find scientific studies confirming the action claims.
  • There are many positive reviews on the Native Remedies site for ProState Relief.

ProState Relief Cons

  • The FDA is clear in explaining that the registration of this supplement does not mean that it is approved.
  • The Native Remedies website is pretty much the only place customer reviews are posted.

Shop Spot

ProState Relief may be purchased on the Native Remedies official website. It is also offered on several other supplement webpages. It ranges from $20 to $40 for 180 tablets which is a 30-day supply.


There are positive customer comments; however, they can only be found on the company website. Native Remedies makes much to do about their product being registered with the FDA, but the government website clearly states this is an unapproved drug. This seems to be an unwise purchase as these facts are rather fishy.

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