A Product Review of Mr. Hyde

by Supplement Market

Mr. Hyde Overview

This workout supplement offers 40 servings of powder in flavor of various fruits. Mr. Hyde is developed to deliver maximized muscle pumps when exercising at the gym or even in the comforts of your home. There’s also caffeine included to provide more energy and long-lasting stamina. As a pre-workout product, this is specifically developed to boost energy and provide sustenance for muscle development. Customers take Mr. Hyde by including one scoop of it to an 8 oz of water before working out.

Mr. Hyde usually has a selling price of $59.99, though it is sold in different prices through Amazon.com, which also includes free shipping. Below are the various flavors of Mr. Hyde with their respective costs:

Orange Burst, 7.9 oz $23.99

Blue Razz, 7.4 oz $23.99

Cotton Candy, 7.6 oz $23.99

Cherry Bomb, 8.0 oz $25.49

Mango Passion Fruit, 7.4 oz $30.00

Fruit Punch, 11.3 oz $27.99

Berry Blast, 8.1 oz $23.99

Watermelon, six sizes from $23.99

The following are remarkable traits of this pre-workout supplement:

It consists of 3 Parts, which are: Caffeine Matrix, Strength Matrix, and Intensity Matrix.

Many consumers state that the Fruit Punch flavor tastes better when measured up to other flavors.

It performs a crucial part in boosting energy and strength spent during workouts.

It combines greatly with water.

There are multiple flavors to select from, though there is typically a larger selection for cherry bomb and fruit punch flavors. Those who have personally experienced this product stated that grittiness is not an issue. What users do is to actually allow the blend linger for about 5 minutes before taking the Mr. Hyde. Some users began taking the suggested 1 scoop each serving and slowly altered it into 1.5 scoops after the fourth cycle. Afterwards, they achieved the right drive they wanted.

Caffeine in Mr. Hyde

mrhyde-review-caffeine-in-mrhydeIn contrast with other similar supplements, consumers of Mr. Hyde will notice the aftermath of the product instantly. There are two kinds of caffeine for every serving. Both give further attentiveness and increased stamina, which are crucial when working out.

Strength in Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde is composed of multiple nutrients which are essential in boosting strength and stimulate muscle development.

Creatine – A standalone nutrient, Creatine is used by several bodybuilders and athletes because it helps develop performance in different sports.

Agmatine sulfate – Agmatine sulfate helps in bringing the lean muscle mass that bodybuilders aspire to have.

Beta Alanine – Beta Alanine is an amino acid that gives energy and intense force while exercising.

L-leucine – L-leucine is an amino acid vital for boosting endurance by helping the body in sustaining healthy blood sugar levels. It also functions to maintain the body’s ability to produce growth hormones.

Users who have firsthand experience of Mr. Hyde are pleased with the product’s performance in terms of improved strength and endurance. With this, others are more encouraged to use this supplement, trying out different flavors every time. Nonetheless, it is advisable to finish one container before proceeding to use another flavor. This is to make sure that the body has the opportunity to adapt to the new taste.

Intensity in Mr. Hyde

mrhyde-review-intensity-in-mrhydeThe intensity matrix of this supplement consists of crucial nutrients also linked to the product’s strength.

Picamilon (pikamilon) – Picamilon merges GABA and Niacin and believed to increase cognitive functions as it also improves blood flow. This allows consumers to concentrate on their routine. It also brings further drive.

n-Methyl tyramine – A compound known to give more energy and support the fat burning process.

Remember: The general outcome of all these components in a single supplement cannot be copied by others who use various products at a time. The only difference this would make is that they get to spend more.

What are the Disadvantages?

Like other products in the market, Mr. Hyde is not suitable for everybody amongst those who work out and take supplements. The ones who should not take Mr. Hyde are the following:

Pregnant women

People with diabetes

Those individuals with high blood pressure

People who suffer from heart disease

People who suffer from chronic health issues

Those who are highly sensitive to caffeine or stimulants

People with the mentioned conditions can risk their wellness when using products like this without appropriate discussion with their healthcare providers. That is why a doctor’s visit is advised prior to using this supplement. If you’re regularly taking Mr. Hyde, it’s better not to drink soda and coffee anymore. Most importantly, do not go beyond the suggested dosage primarily because of the concentrated nutrients in the formula and caffeine inclusion.

Mr. Hyde Bottom Line

The multiple components in this supplement bring energy, stamina, the ability to burn fat, and the maximum capacity to develop the muscles. Truly, Mr. Hyde is very useful especially in terms of meeting your fitness aims. You can make up your mind by telling your doctor all about this supplement in order to try it before beginning with a new workout routine.

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