Primal Muscle Androxybol Testosterone Booster Review: Is it a hoax?

Primal Muscle Androxybol Testosterone Booster Investigation

Primal Muscle proclaims that Androxybol offers twice the advantages through potently effective and natural elements. It is publicized to magnify gains at the gym and boost bedroom performance.

These herbs are touted to amplify the libido and intensify testosterone levels. Primal Muscle avows that it increases strength and muscle growth. This investigation is to compareclinical datato the manufacturer’s declarations.

Primal Muscle Androxybol Testosterone Booster Properties and Actions

Boost sexual performanceChrysin is a flavonoid traditionally taken from Passion Flower, but it can be from honey comb or Chamomile too. It functions to prevent estrogen from being created from testoids. It is also implemented to lessen anxiety without the results of pharmaceutical medications.

Ginkgo biloba leaf delivers a wide variety of health benefits for men. It functions as an organic vasodilator to support blood flow throughout the body and significantly diminish performance anxiety. It lifts mood diminishing erectile dysfunction related to depression and enhances circulation directly to the penis.

Stinging Nettle has been utilized for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine and is used in today’s holistic medical communities. This powerful property stimulates testosterone production and enhances the body’s ability to put it to proper use. It increases the libido’s energy levels and amplifies sexual performance.

Muira Pauma is another common components of male enhancement supplements. Ancient peoples of South America used it to promote circulation and protect heart health. They also gave it to individuals who were suffering from impotence.

Maca root is an ancient medicine that is still used to intensify sexual desire today. It can assist body builders with gain at the gym as well as in the bedroom through an increase of free testosterone.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, or Tongkat Ali, is often used to reduce the incidence of erectile dysfunction. Ancient Indonesians have been using it to power the libido for hundreds of years. It improves the potency of sperm and reverses low T.

Primal Muscle Androxybol Testosterone Booster Instructions

The company tells customers to consume two tablets a day and that more should never be taken.

Primal Muscle Androxybol Testosterone Booster Assets and Deficits

Primal Muscle Androxybol Testosterone Booster Properties

Primal Muscle Androxybol Testosterone Booster Assets

An exchange policy is offered by the company.

Scientific research has validated these ingredients.

One opened bottle is honored for returns to Primal Muscle.

Primal Muscle Androxybol Testosterone Booster Deficits

Dissatisfied consumers can only exchange products.

The end formula has never been clinically tried.

Shipping costs on returns are the responsibility of the consumer.

Only product purchased from the distributor site may be returned.

This supplement is not sold on the company page.

This product is pretty pricey.

No user reviews are found for Androxybol.

Primal Muscle Androxybol Testosterone Booster Storefront

Consumers can visit Amazon to purchase this product, but may not buy it from the company page. A 60-day supply runs about $150.

Primal Muscle Androxybol Testosterone Booster Last Vote

This is an inadvisable purchase decision as there are no past user posts available and the main company page does not offer this exact formula.

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