How Your Phone is Affecting Your Libido and Your Body

by Supplement Market
couple in bed facing away from each other and busy on phones

Cellphones are a fixture in our everyday lives. You can’t go anywhere without one. They are great, used for communication and researching and keeping us up to date on all the things we care about, but are they secretly killing your sex life? And possibly even worse, causing adverse body health. That’s what were here to find out, if and how, these life-enhancing devices are really making our everyday worse.

Let us start with the most nagging question we have on our minds, is my phone causing me to preform poorer in bed? The answer is yes, theoretically. We spend so much of our lives looking at and attending to things on our phones it’s almost impossible for it not to cut into your romantic life. They pose a distraction for both you and your partner, and it has been proven that your late-night scrolling is probably a turn off for your lady. There is also all the easily accessible pornography online, which you would think would make us hornier if anything right? Wrong, not only does it give us unrealistic expectations for our sexual encounters and cause us to fill lacking in the bedroom, but it also causes concern for addiction. Living in a perfect fantasy world is something we would all enjoy, but when your fantasy become the only thing you can perform to, you have nothing to blame but the source.

couple on their phones in bed can increase libido

It is also speculated that the radiation from our phones could also be causing harm to our genitals. They sit all day in our pockets, pressed up against our most vulnerable parts, and we never stop to think, what if this is not such a good idea. It may lead to erectile disfunction which already affects a crazy, 50% of men over 40 years old. Studies on cellphone radiation have shown the possibility of harm to our reproductive system. It may cause a decrease in sperm count and the mobility of the sperm. It is also theorized that it could cause DNA mutations. Cellphones have been studied to have a significant correlation to sperm health statistically. And cellphones have already been linked to cancers within the body where cellphones are already held, so is it unbelievably farfetched to think that it might cause adverse reactions to other parts of our bodies?

Other parts of our bodies are also under attack from these silent killers. Obesity is at an all time high in our nation and do you really think cellphones have no play in this. They cause so much harm in just their accessibility. Why would I go out to get groceries when I can just order food? Why go visit friends when I can just call? Cellphones give us a feeling of accomplishment by making us think we have cheated the system by stay home. They cause us to feed into our natural laziness and play it off as convenience or productivity. These are not the only way it affects us though.

Have you ever seen a generation so blind, we spend so much of our life staring at tiny text on screens, I mean it is what you are doing right now? We strain our eyes to the point of needing correction and still refuse to take time to rest. It also affects are sleep because if you look at your screen before bed your afflicting your self to blue light, which causes decreases in melatonin production and interrupts normal sleep patterns. When you lose all this sleep to your cellphone, whether is blue light emissions or your own inability to put it down it can cause chronic sleep deficiency. This is directly associated with memory loss and other impairments and can cause other neurological problems. I still fear this is not the worst of it.

woman ignored by husband in bedOne of the biggest problems our world faces today is the staggering mental health issues the public suffers from. The phones in our pocket do a wonderful job of connecting us world wide and promote the sharing of data and personal information, but that is not always a good thing. Look at the younger generations who suffer from online bullying and are exposed to the worst parts of the world on the internet. And not to mention with the state of the world today it is no wonder that we sometimes feel lost and alone despite the mass of connections we hold in the palm of our hands. It has never been easier for us to be up to date on the next world catastrophe or to watch in horror and some terrible thing plays out before our eyes. It is almost enough to make someone want to turn it all off for good.

Mental well being is not the only thing at risk here either but our own personalities and relationships. As mentioned above the cellphone is not doing us any favors in the bed room, but it id not helping in other places too. Adultery has never been easier, our children would rather stay in their rooms than eat dinner with us, work is always at your hip, it feels as though it is almost impossible to make a meaningful connection in todays society of advanced technologies. Yes, we have never been so connected to the world, but we have also never been so distant with the next room over. We place our online relationships on the same level as our day to day ones, and that is not to say that it is not possible to connect with someone deeply online, but if we are being honest with ourselves how many times a day do you message you new friend from online and when was the last time you called your mother?

While cellphones may not have definitively been proven to negatively affect our bodies it is not a question how it affects our lives. We spend so much time looking down at our phones we forget to look up and enjoy and experience the world around us. And while phones may hold so much accessibility, is it really worth the risks?

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