by Arthur Evans

Here are things you should be doing and should be made a priority in your life for a healthy penis and satisfying sex life;


Ejaculate at least 4 times weekly


This is the most satisfying penis health tip, but it is healthier to ejaculate more with someone else in the room. That is sex and not masturbation. It has been acknowledged for a while now that regular ejaculation lowers the chances of suffering from prostate cancer by 33%, which has ‘regularly’ being defined as “four or more times weekly”.

Recently, some research revealed that ejaculating frequently enhances the sexual health of men.

Just as in situations where you stop lifting weights and then your muscle mass begins to drop or you stop practicing the guitar and next time you are rusty, it’s the same as in when you stop ejaculating, all the muscles, tissues, and hormones behind that action begin to deteriorate.


Reject Pharmaceuticals

It is a known fact that modern medicine could be the exact reason for prolonged illnesses according to research because what most medicines are associated with is how to manage these complications instead of solving the root cause of the complication. Most of the time, they do not do your sexual health any good and as well even leave you with side effects.

Indulge in natural supplements and changes in your lifestyle which could improve your sexual health.

Seeking medical advice from a medical practitioner especially when the problem is related to your erections and other genital-related problems is the first step you should take but avoid non-natural medications because most modern medicines will influence your sexual performance sooner or later.


Keep Your Prolactin Levels in check

Prolactin is a hormone you need to be mindful of; just like estrogen, which is significant for women’s health and as well as important for men’s health.

In similarity to estrogen, insufficient or excess prolactin could cause your penis and sexual performance to be influenced negatively and according to research has been shown to lower your libido and lead to erectile dysfunction.

For high levels of prolactin, there are a variety of supplements for regulating your body’s prolactin production, such as Vitamin E, Ashwagandha, Vitamin B6, and Zinc.

Sufficient sleep can as well help with activities that boost your dopamine production. Meanwhile, the best way to lower your prolactin levels is by raising dopamine levels in the blood because these hormones act in a see-saw mechanism, which involves a decrease in one when the other increases.

Insufficient levels of prolactin could as well be problematic for men, according to research that shows its destructive tendency to erectile health.

Herbs that boost prolactin levels include fenugreek, fennel, licorice, anise, and nettle.



Maximize Human Growth Hormone Production

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels in the blood are elevated when men ejaculate. Men with poor sexual health have a more reduced HGH level compared to men with good sexual health. It is clear by now that the Human Growth Hormone is associated with sexual health and the strength of your penis.

Making simple changes to your lifestyle and diet can boost your HGH levels just as you can lower your estrogen.

Some dietary supplements supply amino acids such as arginine and lysine, consuming foods rich in protein, more Vitamin D, and limiting sugar consumption for 2 hours after exercise are some of the best steps to take to boost your HGH.


Massage Your Penis and Testicles

testosterone and male sexuality

This will help you get longer and stronger erections, boost sensitivity during sex, and more orgasms. It stimulates the tissue and regulates the flow of blood which will refresh and stimulate cells. The message could as well be a part of your sexual routine which your partner can do for you. Here you are to stretch and stimulate the penis which would increase the flow of blood and therefore, stimulate the release of sex hormones, in all benefiting penis health.

Start by applying a lubricant and grip the penis firmly close to the base and stretch it moderately.

This should be done for about 10 minutes and 3-4 times weekly to get full benefits. There are certain risks involved with this if it is done wrongly, such as bruising a tissue, rupturing a blood vessel, or having lowered penis sensitivity.

The testicles should be massaged as well and are good for detecting testicular cancer early. Start by cupping your scrotum and delicately rolling each testicle within your palm, using fingers and thumbs to check for lumps.

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