Does Norcodrene Work For Weight Loss?

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Does Norcodrene Work For Weight Loss?

Norcodrene claims to be another top of the line thermogenic weight burner, but everyone seems to be selling the secret to weight loss and the key to your happiness these days. Before we jump to conclusions and believe every word they’ve promised and printed on their bottle, let’s take a deeper look into Norcodrene’s manufacturing process….

Norcodrene is made by a company called Physique Enhancing Science. The name sounds solid and serious, like their products may be backed by great clinical studies and the the hard truth. The company is located in Largo, FL and makes a bunch of different products pertaining to weight loss, from protein shakes to stacks.

The Price: Nordcodrene is priced at a high $49.99 for a 45 day supply. That to me is one of the most expensive weight loss products I’ve ever heard about.

Does it actually work?

Ingredients of NorcodreneNorcodrene claims to work as an energy booster, appetite suppressant, and fat-burner all in one. It also offers mood and stress support from when you are busy on the job or feeling a little blue. This can help to reduce the amount of cortisol that your body is producing, a hormone that can cause you to pack on the belly fat. Norcodrene offers the latest technology through thermogenesis. We hear that word a lot in weight loss commercials, but what does it even mean?

Thermogenesis – the production of heat in the human body

There is one caffeine-free specific thermogenic ingredient in this product that warm the body to help users shed pounds:aframomum melegueta seed extract.

Here is the full ingredient list:

Caffeine 100mg, Proprietary Blend 225mg: TGR5a-Infused Matrix: CirsiumPlex Blend – Cirsium Oligophyllum Extract, Japanese Thistle Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Selaginella Tamariscina Extract. Thermo Energy Matrix: Yohimbe Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera Extract.

How to take Norcodrene…

The manufacturers recommend taking Norcodrene a half hour before eating breakfast in the mornings and 5-6 hours after that to examine how the body reacts to taking a new pill. If it agrees with your body you can up your dose and take two first thing before breakfast.

This is a product that does need to be cycled for effectiveness and safety. It is recommended that after taking the product for 4 weeks to take a break. Be sure to consult with a physician before taking a new supplement to see if it is safe for you.

Testing & Clinical Proof of Effectiveness

Weight loss solutionThe company website backs up a lot of their claims with clinical studies, despite the lack of clinical testing on humans, this gives them a little bit more credibility than your average speed weight loss pills.

You may not experience the same weight loss benefits as rats though. Make sure you understand the dangerous and addictive side effects of taking caffeine pills for a prolonged period and some of the side effects that comes with taking Yohimbe daily.

Overall, this could be an effect product for some, but it is not a long-term solution to losing weight. It may give you energy through caffeine and help suppress your appetite artificially, but during this time you need to create healthier lifestyle habits to achieve success and maintain your healthiest weight over the years.

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