Does Muscle Warfare Nuke Work?

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About the Product

Muscle Warfare Nuke is a muscle-building product that claims to deliver all the nutrients your body requires covering all of the stages of your training. It is also said to be creatine-free. Usually, workout supplements are developed as pre, intra, or post-training product, which means that its purpose is for a single stage of your workout only. But with Muscle Warfare Nuke, it claims to cover all these stages that it enhances physical functions, overall performance, and the body’s mechanism for faster recuperation since it has complete free-form amino acid.

About the Company

Muscle Warfare Nuke is developed by Muscle Warfare, Inc. mainly headquartered in Wellington, Florida.

Product Assertions

Muscle Warfare Nuke is developed, so that it instantly delivers its components into the bloodstream. Once there, it takes effects more quickly by restocking glucose in the muscles. Also, the supplement helps hydrate the muscle cells to their utmost capacity during training, hence, helping the user enhance his overall training functions. Nuke also increases the generation of substantially needed hormones for the purpose of building mass by delivering substantial aid to your tissues during and post training. Hence, aside from boosting your training performance, Nuke also allows improvement and restoration of the muscles.

Ingredient Profile

Does Muscle Warfare Nuke Work?Basically, Muscle Warfare Nuke contains a lot of amino acids. There’s also the presence of Glycero-LOAD technology, which allows fast and effective delivery of components to the right muscles via your blood. The other components in Muscle Warfare Nuke help in augmenting hormonal output and enlargement of the muscle mass. Also, there are components in Nuke that are effectual in replenishment and recuperation. Active components present in the supplement are as follows:

Anabolic Trip-Wire Glutamine/EAA reinforced Agent ((free form [EAA] essential amino acids & synergistic mTOR/P13-K pathway inducers) – 5.5g

[BCAA 8:1:1], [l-leucine-2000mg, l-isoleucine-250mg, l-valine-250mg], l-threonine-500mg, l-histidine-250mg, l-methionine-250mg, l-lysine-500mg, l-phenylalanine-500mg, (mTORP-IK-K synergistic signaling agonists/conditionally essential amino acids), l-glutamine-500mg, l-arginine-500mg))

Glycero-LOAD Muscle Volume Engorgement Technology – 5g

(waxy maize starch [high molecular weight glucose polymers], glycerol mono stearate, maltodextrin)

Enzymatic Refueling/Recovery Composite ([muscle repair and recovery/amino acid assimilation] – 205mg

NMDA Amino Acid Hormonal Amplifying Matrix ([testosterone, growth hormone, IGF1 & IGF-2stimulator] – 10mg

Thermogenic Heat Shock Deployment System – 112.5mg

Myobolic-SERM/1 (SERM selective estrogen receptor modulator/testosterone enhancer/HSP xeno-hormetic trigger/myogenic muscle augmenting matrix/Nf-kappab inhibitor) 100mg

Myobolic-SERM/2 ((SERM selective estrogen receptor modulator/testosterone enhancer/HSP xeno-hormetic trigger/sirt-1 gene activator) – 12.5mg

(MEPFE-2) Mitochondrial biogenic Agent ((AMPK & PGC1a synergistic modulator) – 50mg

Citric Acid, natural and artificial Flavors

Muscle Warfare Nuke Feature

Does Muscle Warfare Nuke Work?Thanks to its Glycero-LOAD feature, the nourishing elements in Muscle Warfare Nuke can be in the body’s bloodstream very quickly. This is accomplished via molecular density glucose polymers.

This ascertains that the supply of your muscle glucose is secured, helping your muscles sustain its hydration completely. Hence, you’re able to enjoy the benefits of your training and you’ll feel greater strength while working out.

Nuke will also load your muscles with thoroughly developed and clinically harmonized combination of free form of vital amino acids, providing your body with its much needed energy and force during your session.

Adverse Reactions

As of this writing the supplement doesn’t have any reports of adverse reactions, though it would be wise to consult your doctor before using Nuke.


Muscle Warfare Nuke is not for women who are expecting or breastfeeding. If you have pre-existing medical conditions and using medications, talk to your doctor before using the product. In the case of adverse effects, discontinue use and seek medical help.


You can purchase Muscle Warfare Nuke from the manufacturer at $79.99 for a bottle containing 30 servings. This supplement is also accessible online at lower prices, ranging from $22-$40. As mentioned above, prior to buying Nuke and using it, talk to your doctor first, especially if you have a health condition and is taking medication.

What Users Have to Say?

So far customer feedbacks about Muscle Warfare Nuke have been positive. There aren’t any negative consumer reviews as of this writing. Most customers seem to be pleased with the supplement’s performance. Many think Nuke as a great addition to their fitness regimen and that it provides them benefits when it comes to muscle growth. Users also appreciate Muscle Warfare Nuke because it tastes good and it doesn’t have any adverse reactions. The only concern some users have is its expensive price, though with its quality and effectiveness the product is still a worthy investment.

The Takeaway

Considering the great reviews it gets from customers, Muscle Warfare Nuke is really a decent fitness supplement that helps people achieve their fitness or bodybuilding goals. Thanks to its ingredients, you’re guaranteed to feel more energetic and powerful to help you gain an edge when training.

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