Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Review: Is it Effective?

by Supplement Market

Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Summary

This product is touted as a pre-workout supplement to amplify strength; boost lean muscle mass; and enhance power. The company claims that it will magnify stamina; increase endurance; and support overall training.
They further insist that this formula increases blood flow; elevates nutrient delivery; and raises nitric oxide levels. It is said to maximize recovery; intensify performance; and strengthen energy levels.

Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Ingredients and Functions

shutterstock_102169051L-Arginine is a non-essential amino acid which plays a major role in the synthesis of protein and is a known pre-curser for nitric oxide. It is added to health supplements to increase muscle mass; support cellular function; and to correct erectile dysfunction. It magnifies muscle mass through signaling the release of specific growth hormones and boosting fat burning mechanisms.
L-Glycine is an amino acid which is manufactured in the liver using serine and threonine. It increases creatine phosphate levels; enhances fatty tissue breakdown; and boosts energy for muscle cells. L-Glycine amplifies endurance; maximizes stamina; and prevents muscle degeneration. It may be found in numerous supplements for body builders; elderly individuals; and traumatic disease patients.
Beet root has been closely examined as a form of supplementation and found to increase nitrate levels in the body. Nitrates enhance circulation; improves exercise tolerance; and supports cardiovascular health. Properties in beet root are also said to reduce inflammation and lessen insulin resistance.
Niacin is a popular form of vitamin B which is incorporated in to millions of health supplements. It enhances fuel for the body; increases carb to glucose conversion; and amplifies fat metabolism. Niacin boosts nitric oxide synthase; magnifies these levels; and elevates protein manufacture. Increased nitric oxide promotes circulation; raises endurance; and fosters stamina.
Vitamin B6, or Pyridonxine HCI, is not only vital to testosterone production, but to its regulation as well. It also assists in the conversion of carbs which amplifies energy levels.

Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Dosage

The package instructs users to mix one scoop of this supplement with 8 to 10 ounces of water and consume 30 minutes prior to training.

Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Pros and Cons


Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Pros

Each of the ingredients in this formula have been scientifically examined.
This product has positive user testimony.
This supplement contains properties known to enhance nitric oxide.

Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Cons

This formula has highly negative customer feedback.
This product may worsen high blood pressure.
These ingredients may interact poorly with medications.
This is an expensive choice as it is not a standalone powder.
A common complaint is it tastes horrible.

Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Shop Spot

This product may be purchased from Amazon or the official site. A 30-serving supply may be obtained for about $40.

Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Conclusion

There are a number of health warnings for this product making it a risky supplement choice. There are also a wide range of negative posts from users.

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