Is MaleExtra Safe & Effective?

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About the Product

MaleExtra is a male enhancement pill claimed to be potent and effectual in boosting a man’s sex drive, quality of his erection, endurance, and even the size of his manhood. Since its introduction to the market, MaleExtra has succeeded in capturing customers’ attention and loyalty since a lot of guys out there prefer taking natural male enhancement supplements rather than taking prescription drugs. The company behind MaleExtra also references scientific studies to substantiate their assertions.

Ingredient Profile

Is MaleExtra Safe & Effective?The components in MaleExtra are unique, not the ones you usually find in many male enhancement pills. Interestingly, one of its primary ingredients is pomegranate extract. Of course, we’ve heard of the remarkable health gains pomegranate consumption can do for our bodies, such as it’s able to lower the risk of prostate and other types of cancer.

It also is used for addressing arthritis, reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure, and delaying the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, pomegranate can help strengthen your immune system, boost your training recuperation, and aid in diabetes regulation as well as fat loss.

The question is that can pomegranate help to boost a man’s sexual functions? Based on the studies performed, it was found that one of the frequent side effects the male subjects encountered during the research was that the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction got better.

One possible enlightenment why this is the case is because pomegranate has an impact on nitric oxide levels. Research has also revealed that consumption of pomegranate may not only boost NO levels in the body, but also heighten their functions, too. Just to recap, nitric oxide portrays an essential part in having and sustaining an erection.

The next component present in MaleExtra is L-Arginine, which is an amino acid that’s also crucial in the production of nitric oxide, which brings greater blood flow in the body. And by now you should know that erections are all about blood flow.

There’s also the presence of cordyceps in MaleExtra, which surely you don’t hear often. It’s basically a fungus that’s thought to deliver remarkable effects, including destroying cancer cells, increasing sports functions, augmenting aerobic prowess, enhancing both physical and mental energy, amplifying sex drive, and boosting production of testosterone.

The rest of the components in MaleExtra are MSM, creatine, L-methionine, niacin, and zinc.

Adverse Reactions

Is MaleExtra Safe & Effective?Since MaleExtra’s formulation is composed of natural and pure components, there aren’t any serious adverse reactions associated with its use. But, bear in mind that taking a supplement that has pomegranate simultaneously with the drug sildenafil or Viagra may cause priapism. It’s the condition where a man’s erection lasts for a significant period of time, even after ejaculating. It may seem appealing, but it’s not when it’s already going on for hours. Eventually, it’ll cause you great pain that you’ll need to head to the ER to be examined. Typically, the treatment includes being injected with epinephrine on both sides of the genitals.

Hence, if you’re already taking Viagra or other erectile dysfunction drugs, don’t mix it with any supplement that has pomegranate in it. That includes MaleExtra.

Proper Use

Take 3 capsules of MaleExtra simultaneously before eating a meal. It is ideal to take the supplement in the morning before eating your breakfast.

Place to Purchase

As of this writing, MaleExtra can be purchased directly from the product site, though you can still probably see it being offered in sites like Amazon, though they can be very expensive if bought through third-party resellers.

Despite MaleExtra’s steep cost, there’s a 2-month satisfaction guarantee from the date you get your shipment. In the case that you’re unhappy with MaleExtra, you can return the supplement even when already used back to the company and just pay for the shipping and handling fees.

The Takeaway

MaleExtra boosts one’s sex drive, quality of erection, and even a man’s endurance in bed. It has an interesting formulation that’s distinctive compared with other similar supplements. As for its claims of an increase in penis size, we need to be convinced further. Good products like MaleExtra do help in improving one’s sexual functions and performance, but claiming that it can make a penis larger seems to be a reach. It’s not impossible, but MaleExtra needs more evidence to substantiate its claim of a penis size boost.

Nonetheless, a lot of men seem to like this supplement. MaleExtra being prominent online isn’t a coincidence. This only signifies that customers feel significant improvements in their sexual prowess that they’re continuing their use of the supplement.

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