Is Your Job Making You Depressed? The Top 10 Worst Careers for Your Mental Health

by Supplement Market

#1- Childcare Providers/Nursing Home Caregivers

Personal care providers top out the list mainly because of how much thankless work they do for relatively low pay.  The typical day of a healthcare provider in a nursing home consists of bathing, feeding and dressing their patients who are incapable of doing it themselves.

These people are so dependent on the caregivers that more often than not they are even to weak and sickly to properly express their appreciation to the caregivers. This can make the job feel like an exercise in futility, where you are trying to care for someone who just simply is only going to get worse.

It really isn’t too much of a surprise to see this depressing job at the top of the list.

#2-Working in Food Service

preview-full-shutterstock_340620977Working in the food industry is perfect for those who love being under paid and underappreciated. This is especially true in countries like the United States where servers, hostesses and bussers aren’t even paid the federal minimum wage.

These people have to rely on the tips and generosity of their customers to make ends meet, which can make it extremely stressful when it considering financial security.

Being a waiter or a waitress is also physical demanding work which requires a positive attitude and positive outlook which is hard to maintain when you are running low on energy and morale.

#3-Social Workers

What is more depressing than having to deal with abused and neglected children or families on the brink of being torn apart. Social work is a demanding stressful job that also doesn’t pay well enough.

Social workers put in long hours as well which results in a high rate of them becoming burned out in a just a few years. It’s not really surprising given what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

#4-Health Care Professionals

These are your doctors, nurses and other people who work in the health care industry. These jobs are usually well paying jobs, but that is about the only thing that draws people to the profession. Of course helping people is nice too but it is a highly stressful and demanding job.

preview-full-shutterstock_526407886Working in the field of health can be more stressful than other jobs because of what is expected of you. The lives of other people may directly depend on how you perform at your job making it uniquely different from other jobs out there.

If there is a major snow storm, hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster that generally keeps people away from work guess what, you are on call and needed to respond.

Dealing with patients suffering from trauma sickness and dealing with the distraught family memebers of these victims can really take a toll on your psyche.


A job in entertainment or in the arts can be stressful because more often than not you are working on a commission or on a short contract deal. Basically the future is uncertain when you are in this field, and sometimes you don’t know where or when that next job is going to come along.

The entertainment and art industry tends to attract those that seem to be prone to mental illness to begin with, and the lifestyle further contributes to this depression.


Teachers have been under fire as of late especially in the United States where they are accused of being lazy and making way too much money. I’m sure most teachers wished that was the case but unfortunately for them the opposite holds true.

Teachers are salaried employees who have to put in a lot of unpaid overtime which most people don’t realize. All of that after school extra help, grading assignments/papers at home is all done on their own time.

On top of that, the teacher usually gets stuck in the middle when it comes to the parents and administration. If the students are struggling whether it be the fault of the teacher or not, the teacher is taking the brunt of the blame.

It is so bad in some areas that children do not have school supplies and the teacher is put in a position where they have to provide these things out of their own pocket. What a horrible situation to be in!

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