How to Recover From Running a Race of Any Distance

by Arthur Evans
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Let’s be frank, running can be pretty exasperating. It’s a demanding exercise that sets to test your speed, balance, endurance, and strength. However, what you do after the race matters as it determines if you would be fit to run the next race. Whether it’s a long marathon or less than a 100 meters race, there are certain precautions that must be taken into consideration. The point is finishing requires a whole lot of preparation just like how you’ve prepared to start the race in the first place.

Let’s get you prepped on what you must do to recover from running a race of any distance.

Don’t stop moving

After you finish a race, it is not advisable for you to just stop all of a sudden. You have to keep moving. According to Corinne Fitzgerald, who is the head coach at Mile High Run Club, New York City, “if you instantly stop, you build up lactate acid and that will stay in the leg.” So stopping all of a sudden is not advisable as your legs will become more stiff and sore later until the following day. What you have to do is to add an additional five minutes jog to your plan. But if this is too difficult for you, you can walk briskly along the path. This will help inform your legs that you are now ready to make your final landing just like an airplane which should be landed. So to avoid, stiffness, and soreness in your legs, don’t stop moving.

Stretch after some minutes

After you finish, perform stretch exercises. This helps to reinstate your legs back into their resting stage. Note, however, that stretching might not help you to treat an injury you sustained but it can help your central nervous system to calm your whole body down. You can ask someone to help you with some stretch exercises like the reverse hurdlers. However, ensure you keep the exercise gentle.

Eat a meal rich in protein after two hours

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What actually helps you to settle down is the meal. While running, you used up some certain level of energy which was provided by the meal you’d initially taken. So, eat very well as this would help you regain strength. Subsequently, eat meals that are high in protein. In fact, eat every one hour after every day workout. The benefits of eating proteins for an athlete cannot be overemphasized.

Do some dynamic moves

It’s quite important that you personally take charge of the recovery of your muscles when you get home. Do this by engaging in some moves and exercises. Proceed with some dynamic exercises such as the hamstring stretch. This exercise will help you to warm up your muscles and prevents stiffness.

Get a massage

How to Recover From Running a Race of Any Distance

Still, in the recuperative process, you have to get a massage. This is for the excess things for the legs to get in shape. So, ensure that a massage session is organized for you. It helps to continue a healthy process that will help you flush junk out. Don’t be too much carried away that you’d forget to squeeze out time and resources and get the massage. You quite deserve it.

Keep moving

Some people would like to just relax after the race. Some might even want to skip training sessions for a long time till they feel they can actually start again all by themselves when they have rested. On the following, attempt to go on a jog. Don’t just stay at home trying to be carried away by previous things that you’ve done in the past. Remember, that race you ran yesterday was already in the past. So, there’s a need to do what is what regardless of whatever might have happened. This helps you to be relevant in the pages of history.

Get back on track

Do all you have to do to restore your body back to its normal self within a short period of time. There’s no point wasting precious time over celebrating wins or losses. What matters is preparing to run the next race. That’s what should provoke your passion to join them.

Continue with the exercises

Go back to the exercise routine you had before when preparing to run in the first place as this would help put your body back into the exact shape she was. Go back to training with the lifts and other equipment, it’s all for the best. If you stick with this plan, your recovery may be expedited.

How to Recover From Running a Race of Any Distance

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