How to Get a Stronger Erection

by Supplement Market

A man’s best friend, and worst nightmare, is his penis.

Allow me to explain:

  • While a man is under the influence due to alcoholic beverages, he may be unable to sport an erection.
  • While a man is at a family gathering, the potential for a boner to arise over the silliest situations may occur.
  • While a man is getting naked and ready to have amazing sex with his lady, he may be unable to keep a hard on.

All of these situations can be extremely frustrating for a man, right guys?

But, that doesn’t mean that getting hard, staying hard, and keeping calm are all that hard to do. As a matter of fact, many men don’t have trouble in the situations stated above, and many men don’t have trouble getting an erection in the bedroom. However, there is still that small percentage of men out there that do have trouble in this department.

However, whether you have difficulty in the bedroom or not, I’m here to help you and show you ways to get an even stronger and healthier erection.

First, Go to the Gym More.

Doctor’s stand by their recommendations of doing more cardio to enhance a man’s erection. I mean, think about it for a minute; An erection is maintained by a great amount of blood being present within the penis. If there’s a problem with blood flow, or an inadequate amount of blood flow to the penis, an erection will not stay strong and healthy.

ripped man lifting barbell more testosteroneBut, going to the gym and doing cardio a few times a week will ensure that your blood flow is perfect and up to par with keeping that hard on.

Another nifty fact of doing a little extra cardio at the gym is that it increases your body’s nitric acid, an element that helps maintain a strong erection. And, cardio gets you in shape, too.

Watch out, though. Don’t do too much cardio on the sit-down bikes, as this exercise can actually result in erectile dysfunction. And try to stay away from tight shorts; You don’t want your junk all bundled up.

Next, Throw Away Those Nasty Cigarettes.

If you’re a cigarette smoker, it’s time to let go of that gross habit. Healthy and strong erections will not start and be maintained this way, no sir.

Cigarettes are known to stop men from forming an erection and allowing them to orgasm. On top of that, cigarettes unfortunately effect a penis’ size when erected. That’s a horrible feeling when your lady could have a bigger, better penis, but because of your yucky habit she has to settle for something less than average.

But, that’s not all. Cigarettes damage health, especially blood vessels and penile tissue. These little sticks prevent such areas of the body from stretching, therefore not allowing the blood vessels and penile tissue to perform their job the correct way.

But, Be Sure to Drink Coffee.

Coffee is very good for a strong and healthy erection. It’s actually stated by many medical personnel that coffee can increase a man’s chances at maintaining an erection.

To get the best results, drink two to three cups of coffee per day. And for those of you with erectile dysfunction, make sure it’s the full three cups of coffee that you consume each morning.

You Could Get a Vasectomy.

Now this option is only for men who don’t want to have kids or for men who are done having kids.

But here’s where I tell you why getting a vasectomy can increase strength and health in your erections; Many men get anxiety when thinking of having another child, or when thinking of having kids in general. This anxiety alters a man’s ability to get hard and stay hard, considering all they can think about is getting a woman pregnant. If you were to get a vasectomy, however, that anxiety would magically disappear, therefore allowing for a free zone when it comes to sex because there is no way the woman you’re with will get pregnant.

Yes, You Have to Stay Faithful.

woman surprised at man's bigger erectionMany men don’t think of this as one of the ways to get up and stay up, but it is. Let me tell you why.

Men who start having affairs are less likely to get and maintain an erection. To be honest, men who start experiencing erectile dysfunction are typically asked by their doctors if they’re seeing someone on the side, that’s how likely it is to not maintain an erection.

But why would this be? Probably because you’re feeling a tad guilty that you’re sleeping with or fooling around with another woman; This will definitely make you unable to keep a stiff on. Once that guilt turns into anxiety before sex, you’ll be very limited when it comes to erections with your significant other that you’re cheating on.

Now Get Rid of That Tummy.

Men that have a little bit, or a lot a bit, of a gut down below have trouble getting hard. Actually, men with diabetes tend to not get hard at all. Why is this? It’s because your body takes a little bit longer to feel sensitivity in the penile region. This, in turn, will make it hard to keep that hard up.

Remember, a numb penis will never be a happy penis. Loose those extra pounds guys.

Start Yawning.

Believe it or not, yawning and getting an erection are basically the same thing, according to your brain. Both of these actions are controlled by nitric acid, an element found in your body. And, nitric acid can do one of two things: 1. Nitric acid can control motions such as breathing and yawning by opening the mouth; 2. Nitric acid can go down the spinal cord and feed your penis through the blood vessels surrounding it.

However, this does not mean that while your lady is giving you a blowjob you should keep your mouth wide open (that would be highly unattractive). But, allowing yourself a few good yawns a day will surprisingly get your penis to a strong and healthier self. 

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