Herbalife Formula 1 Shake Product Review

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Herbalife Formula 1 Shake Product Review

Obesity has taken our nation by storm. The epidemic is real in the United States, with up to a third of population considered obese. There are so many products on the market promising weight loss results, that you would think this problem would have been solved. You would think that we would have found the answers by now to solve the weight gain crisis in our country that is wreaking havoc on our healthcare system.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the ones that get over looked the most. Losing weight is a numbers game. By lowering caloric intake daily it is easy to lose weight. If you are burning more calories than you are eating you can create a calorie deficit that results in weight loss and improved health.

How does  Herbalife Formula 1 Shake fit into this picture?

Ingredients of Herbalife Formula 1 ShakeHerbalife Formula 1 Shake is a product that is not only packed with nutrients your body needs to boost your energy levels, it is also delicious. It is a shake with protein, minerals, and vitamins in addition to herbs and fibers that keep you satisfied longer to help you control your calories for the da. It can be a great meal substitute and help you perform better during your workouts.

Herbalife has somewhat of a cult following among users. It seems once people start the Herbalife program they can’t stop talking about it on their social media pages.

What is inside the product?

  • 21 essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
  •  soy protein isolate, fructose, and fiber
  • Vitamins A-E
  •  Zinc, copper, chromium, and magnesium

While these are the key ingredients this is not the entire ingredient list. If you are food allergies I recommend checking out Herbalife’s page for the full list.

How To Use Herbalife Shakes?

Mix Herbalife with water or your favorite milk or milk alternative. With just water each serving is 90 calories, it can be up to 170 with different milks added. Replace daily meals with this shake once or twice a day for best results. Pair beverages with a clean diet and exercise plan and you should see results in just a few weeks with continuous use.

Herbalife Conclusion

Weight loss solutionHerbalife is a low risk and lower cost weight loss solution. It does not have addictive qualities or contain ephedra or caffeine. It is a multivitamin shake that will provide your body with the nutrients you need while dieting and help you to create the body you desire. If you have a hard time tracking calories and eating right, this can be the perfect tool for your weight loss success if you stick with your program and replace your meals with Formula 1. It is not guaranteed success, but users across the country really do stand for this product and have had real results.

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