Are Glucerna Shakes Effective?

by Supplement Market
Are Glucerna Shakes Effective?

Weight loss shakeStruggling to find balance? So are many other diabetics. It is difficult to enjoy a tasty snack, stay full, and eat just enough sugar, but not too much, Every. Single. Day.  It is every diabetics frustrating cross to bear. The #1 doctor and nutritionist recommended liquid shake for those patients with diabetes. It provides a convenient source of nutrition with over 27 vitamins and minerals included in the specially formulated beverage. It is available in 4 different delicious flavors: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and butter pecan.
The drink’s main features is CARBSTEADY, a carbohydrate designed to prevent blood sugar from rising above the appropriate levels. CARBSTADY is digested and released slowly over the course of the following hours after drinking Glucerna. This keeps levels balanced and steady, preventing you from either crashing or elevating levels beyond what is appropriate. It minimizes blood sugar’s response to the shake while keeping diabetics full and satiated.

Real Reviews Written By REAL Users who tried the Homemade Vanilla flavor

 “I have used these shakes for a few years now. I use them as a quick meal replacement for breakfast or lunch if I am on the go. During some recent medical issues, I was a bit nauseous, but I could always drink these. They are great tasting and give a lot of nutrients.”

 “I’ve used every diet shake and the other brand of “Diabetic supplement shake” that is available out there… In my opinion: For taste and effectiveness, hands down, this stuff is great. It mixes up great, no clumps of crud when you get to the bottom of the bottle. I think it tastes good, but it has to be really chilled.”

 “A1C test result went from 8 to 5.4 in 3 months. Only difference in diet was the addition of Glucerna which is cheaper from Amazon than from local stores.”

 “Does well. I slightly prefer to chew something like real food. This is a great second place option for when you don’t have time and you need that first thing in the morning. Convenient and last a long time in the refrigerator. Taste good and the quality is extremely consistent.”

Who is the manufacturer behind Glucerna Shake?”

Research Studies

Glucerna Shake IngredientsGlucerna is supported by a study published in the early 2000s that proves the shakes illicit a lower blood sugar response thanks to CARBSTEADY. There is not much other detail provided on the company’s website about this study or this claim, there is only a rather vague infograph. The product does not need much testing or to be approved by the FDA since it is just a food product and not a pharmaceutical or medication. That being said, it is important to use Glucerna under your primary care provider’s supervision if you are diabetic. While there are no reported side effects it could effect everyone’s blood sugar levels and AC1 differently.


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