GentroMax Review: Is GentroMax the Real Deal?

by Arthur Evans

Is it possible to increase size, sex drive, and sexual performance with just one supplement? We’ll take a closer look at GentroMax, a premium male enhancement supplement to uncover the truth behind 2023’s top-selling supplement for men. 

Gaining size, specifically, is an ambition that most men have, and this has been shamelessly exploited by companies that try to trick men into buying products that do nothing to improve their penis size, sexual health, or performance. It’s a lucrative business for supplement companies to sell so-called penis enlargement pills, and despite the fact that most of these pills fail to hit the mark, men still buy them for the small chance of making their dreams come true.

It’s exciting to think that by simply taking pills, you can add length and girth to your penis, but how close are we to having a real formula that can increase penis size? 

There’s no shortage of men who are willing to buy penis enlargement pills, and if there’s one product that would definitively prove that penis enlargement pills work, you can be sure that it would be met with scrutiny. Consumers are fed up with substandard pills, and it would need more than just pseudo-science to convince men that penis enlargement pills really work. 

Even the biggest brands in the supplement industry tried to create products to increase size, but none were potent or effective enough to deliver real improvements in penis size and hardness. If the biggest companies can’t pull it off, how can we expect lesser-known brands to succeed? 

At, we recognize the importance of testing and vetting supplement products. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to purchase the best penis enlargement pills on the planet and test them ourselves. Each product that we examine will undergo a series of tests, including ingredient breakdown, product quality, and real-life testing.

Before you ask – NO, this test is not sponsored by any brand or business. Think of this project as our way to root out bad products from the market. We’ve been duped and scammed multiple times over the years by companies that promised great results. We spent thousands of dollars on products that did nothing for our size, health, and performance, but we genuinely believe that there’s a product out there that’s waiting to be discovered. This is our way of figuring it out for ourselves.

Do penis enlargement pills work? 

Yes! Penis enlargement pills work and they work well, but they’re not all equal. Some are better than others, and some are MUCH BETTER than others. The science behind penis enlargement has been thoroughly studied over the years. In fact, researchers have identified the three major factors that contribute to penis growth – testosterone, blood flow, and penile tissue elasticity. To gain a substantial increase in penis size, a product must be able to dramatically increase all three factors at the same time, and most penis enlargement pills lack the potency, ingredient combinations, and nutrient bioavailability to pull it off.

Sounds straightforward, right?

It may sound easy, but creating a real formula to increase size is a lot more complex than you might think. Dozens of brands tried to create their version of a penis enlargement pill, but most of them failed. Some brands put years and millions of dollars into research and development, but you’d have to know what to look for to see which supplements are made with science, and which ones are only supported by fancy words and advertising gimmicks. 

Now, the real challenge is to distinguish which products work by doing advanced testing methods, including real-life trials to see which brands offer the best results. 


  • Low testosterone
  • Poor blood flow 
  • Penile tissue elasticity
  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Genetics 


  • Increased peak erection size and hardness
  • Enhanced total and free testosterone levels
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Faster metabolism
  • Intensified sexual pleasure
  • Improved sex drive
  • Enhanced sexual stamina 
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Improved confidence 
GentroMax Review: Is GentroMax the Real Deal?


Other penis enlargement methods, such as penis pumps, penis weights, topical enlargement creams, and patches, also claim to deliver penis enlargement benefits. The deal with these products is that they claim to have an impact on penis size using products that you use or apply externally. Keep in mind that the factors that affect your penis size are within your body, and using these products would not realistically deliver the results that they claim. 

Penis pumps claim to increase penis size by applying negative pressure on your penis. Not only does this method look painful, but most of its users found that the product causes long-term injuries that affect their sexual health. The negative pressure pushes blood and fluids within your skin outwards, and this causes swelling – and swelling does not make your penis bigger. 

The same goes for topical creams and patches that claim to have ingredients that can be absorbed through your skin. If these products actually have ingredients that can cause penis growth, wouldn’t these ingredients be better absorbed through ingestion? 

That’s why we think that the best way to increase size is through a cutting-edge formula, complete with advanced penis growth ingredients, at its maximum potency and bioavailability, to create the perfect conditions that lead to penis growth. 


At the end of the day, all we really care about is results. All those ads, endorsements, and marketing gimmicks, are all just smoke and mirrors in the grand scheme of things. Would you really care if the biggest celebrity on the planet endorsed a penis enlargement pill? No one cares. As customers, we want to see the science, the tests, and the real-life results. 

We want to see these penis enlargement pills for what they truly are, and with that being said, we’ve created a fool-proof review system that objectively measures the effectiveness of the products being reviewed. 

To start, we recruit three volunteers for each product that we test. Our requirements for each volunteer are: 

  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • No history of taking testosterone supplements, TRT, or other penis enlargement pills
  • No health condition that may affect testosterone or blood circulation.
  • Must have an average-sized penis (5.5-6 inches)

During testing, our volunteers are required to: 

  • Take the product for at least 6 months.
  • Measure erect penis length and girth regularly. 
  • Maintain a journal.

We ask our volunteers to take the product for at least 6 months to effectively gauge the effectiveness of the product. Realistically, it takes around 3 to 6 months for a  supplement to have a significant impact on a person’s body, since the body needs time to adjust and respond to the nutrients in the product. 

For each test that we conduct, one volunteer would be assigned a placebo, and the other two would have the real thing. 

We compile the notes from our volunteers every month. At the end of the 6-month testing period, we’ll interview each volunteer to see what they have to say about the product. 

For this test, we chose to review GentroMax, a new penis enlargement pill that has generated quite a buzz in the supplement industry. The “buzz” may be understated. GentroMax has both critics and experts agreeing that it’s the greatest penis enlargement pill ever created, with over 30+ supplement review websites ranking GentroMax as the #1 penis enlargement pill for 2023. 

You can see why GentroMax caught our attention. Is GentroMax all hype, or is it really the penis enlargement pill we’ve all been waiting for? 

We put GentroMax to the test to see what it’s truly capable of. 


The results surprised us too – GentroMax has a SIGNIFICANT impact on penis size, both flaccid and erect! 

Both volunteers who took GentroMax for at least 6 months had increased their overall penis length and girth by as much as 40%, while the other volunteer who took the placebo had no noticeable changes in penis size and sexual performance. 

The size increase was already significant from the second month, but we decided to complete the 6-month cycle to really see the full potential of GentroMax, and we’re still surprised. We considered other factors, such as fluctuating testosterone levels, or a change in their lifestyle, but all in all, everything remained normal throughout the testing period. 

GentroMax Results

Here are the results of our 6-month testing period, measuring erect penis length, girth, and hardness.

Volunteer #1: Ben, age 31 

Baseline erect penis measurements: 

Length: 5.7 inches

Girth: 4.2 inches

Hardness: 3 out of 4 in the EHS (Erection Hardness Scale) 

After 3 months of taking GentroMax: 

Length: 6.8 inches

Girth: 5 inches

Hardness: 4 out of 4 on the EHS (Erection Hardness Scale) 

After 6 months of taking GentroMax

Length: 7.5 inches

Girth: 6 inches 

Hardness: 4 out of 4 on the EHS (Erection Hardness Scale) 

Results after 6 months of taking GentroMax:

Length: + 1.8 inches

Girth: +1.8 inches

Hardness: Maximum 

Volunteer #2: Eric, 36 years old 

Baseline erect penis measurements: 

Length: 5.4 inches

Girth: 4.0 inches

Hardness: 3 out of 4 on the EHS (Erection Hardness Scale) 

After 3 months of taking GentroMax: 

Length: 6.2 inches

Girth: 4.5 inches

Hardness: 4 out of 4 on the EHS (Erection Hardness Scale) 

After 6 months of taking GentroMax:

Length: 7.8inches

Girth: 6.2  inches 

Hardness: 4 out of 4 on the EHS (Erection Hardness Scale) 

Results after 6 months of taking GentroMax:

Length: +2.4 inches

Girth: +2.2 Inches

Hardness: Maximum

The results are eye-opening. As much as we want to be skeptical about GentroMax, these results prove that GentroMax definitely has a massive impact on penis size and hardness. Not only does GentroMax greatly impact size, but the overall benefits of GentroMax are completely life-changing, according to our volunteers. Read what they have to say about GentroMax: 

Volunteer #1: Ben, age 31 

“I thought it was a joke, at first. I was under the impression that penis enlargement pills were scams until I realized that this was a real test and there was a real possibility of increasing my penis size. This was my first foray into supplements of this kind, and GentroMax made me realize what I’ve been missing out on. 

I already felt the massive “kick” of the formula after the first dose. I felt energetic like I’m not as tired as I used to be. Sex felt amazing. Like I’m feeling twice the pleasure. After the first month, I can already tell that it’s working. My penis looked longer and thicker, and it felt heavier too. I took measurements just to be sure, and that confirmed it. It wasn’t a fluke. I measure myself when I’m in the mood for sex, and it’s really gaining size. It was incredible! My 6-month test may be done, but I’m definitely buying this pill for myself from now on. “

Volunteer #2: Eric, 36 years old

“I’m naturally curious about penis enlargement. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a bigger penis? Testing GentroMax was the introduction I’ve been waiting for. I’ve always had an average-sized penis my entire life, and seeing mine grow the way it did while I was testing GentroMax, was like seeing my fantasies coming true, week after week. I could already tell that it was effective after my second week of taking it. After 6 months of testing, my erections are now massive – and I’m not exaggerating. I even have a visible bulge in my pants, even when it’s flaccid. GentroMax is the real deal. That’s all I can say.”

GentroMax Review: Is GentroMax the Real Deal?

What is GentroMax?

GentroMax is a new, American-made penis enlargement supplement, launched in 2023. While GentroMax is new to the market, the company behind GentroMax has been active since 2015, when they launched their research and development team. We particularly like the fact that GentroMax is an original product with an original formula, unlike most penis enlargement pills on the market today, which are mostly recycled versions of old, outdated supplement formulas. 

Investing 8 years in research and development is no joke, but the people behind GentroMax are focused on creating a real penis enlargement formula that delivers real results. Back in 2015, no one took penis enlargement pills seriously, as many expect that consumers would assume that these products were fake or ineffective. Still, the demand for a genuine penis enlargement pill was real – and it was ripe for the taking. That’s why GentroMax was developed to the level of perfection, to dominate the penis enlargement industry, and be the only product capable of delivering real penis growth. 

To make it happen, GentroMax needed two things – excellent ingredients, and cutting-edge technology. GentroMax is made from ingredients sourced around the world, and it invested in developing cutting-edge technology to purify the ingredients and isolate their active compounds, to make every milligram of the formula count. 

By 2019, GentroMax already has access to the best ingredients and the most advanced ingredient purification technology, but even that wasn’t enough. The formula still had to undergo numerous rounds of testing and validation, and that’s when the team realized that a single formula wasn’t enough to deliver real penis enlargement results.

What’s in GentroMax?

If you look at GentroMax’s label, you’d see that the formula is essentially made up of two different supplements. GentroMax’s main formula, called the GenTest Matrix, is powerful enough as a standalone testosterone-boosting complex, and GentroMax pushed it even further by combining GenTest Matrix with its Pro Blend, an advanced blend of support ingredients and vasodilators that truly brings out GentroMax’s peak penis size-boosting capabilities. That’s why GentroMax is performing well beyond the capabilities of traditional penis enlargement pills. 

  • GentroMax sources premium ingredients from around the world
  • GentroMax exclusively uses proprietary technology to purify its ingredients
  • GentroMax combines two formulas into one supplement to maximize its potency and effectiveness. 

No wonder no other product was able to deliver real penis enlargement results before GentroMax came along. 

How GentroMax works

Remember what we discussed earlier about the factors that affect penis size? GentroMax specifically targets these factors to create the perfect conditions for penis growth. Here’s how: 

Testosterone enhancement

GentroMax’s formula is undoubtedly the most power-packed testosterone-boosting formula we’ve ever seen, and GentroMax uses this advantage to its full potential. Each testosterone booster targets a specific pathway, such as increasing testosterone production, slowing testosterone breakdown, increasing free testosterone levels, and minimizing the impact of stress on testosterone levels. GentroMax combines all of these pathways into one, and essentially, that’s like removing your body’s limitations on testosterone. As a result, penis growth factors increase, your libido is enhanced, and your erection response is maximized. Just with GentroMax’s excellent testosterone-boosting formula, you already get the hardest erections possible. 

Blood circulation

GentroMax supports its excellent testosterone-boosting core with an equally-powerful blood flow-boosting complex. It combines the effectiveness of PDE-5 inhibitors and nitric oxide boosters into one. Improving blood flow is a crucial aspect of penis enlargement as it addresses the possible blood vessel blockages or narrowing that may impede blood flow to your penis. Improving blood flow helps you gain erections easily, but when combined with the most powerful testosterone-boosting core, you gain the biggest and hardest erections you’ve ever had in your life. Every erection will feel like the strongest, most intense erection ever. 

Penile tissue elasticity

The penile tissue gets more rigid as men get older, and to gain size, the penile tissue must be elastic enough to expand further during an erection. Because of the interplay between testosterone and blood flow boosters, there is a massive increase in blood volume and pressure in the penile chambers. Rigid penile tissue will limit penile expansion, and GentroMax’s constant increase in testosterone and blood flow allows the penile tissue to become more elastic, leading to a longer and wider expansion of the penis during an erection. This is also the reason why taking GentroMax daily is important, as it maintains the compounding effect of testosterone and blood flow boosters to increase peak erection size and hardness.

What is GentroMax for? 

GentroMax is made specifically to increase penis size. Its entire formula is intended to improve the factors that affect penis size, and it’s the reason why it’s the only penis enlargement pill capable of delivering real penis enlargement results.

Even though GentroMax is made to increase penis size, men also gain other benefits from the incredible testosterone and blood flow-boosting effects of GentroMax, such as: 

  • Improved physical performance
  • Enhanced libido 
  • Improved muscle development
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Increased semen volume
  • Improved confidence and well-being

Is GentroMax safe? 

Judging from the dozens of reviews and testimonials about GentroMax that we’ve come across, GentroMax is remarkably safe, considering its high-potency formula. We normally expect highly-concentrated formulas to have some side effects, but we have not encountered reports suggesting that GentroMax is unsafe. Even our volunteers who have taken GentroMax for 6 months did not report any side effects or signs that the formula is unsafe. 

Still, it would be unwise to underestimate the potency of GentroMax. If you’re considering buying GentroMax, you should be fully aware that this supplement is extremely potent, and you should only buy it if you’re 100% committed to achieving real penis enlargement results. 

How long does it take for GentroMax to work?

The feedback from our volunteers suggests that GentroMax works fast. You may experience a boost in your mood and energy levels starting from your first dose, and you may expect an improvement in your libido within a week or two of consistent use. Our reports suggest that you may also expect to see an increase in your erect penis size within the first 3 months of use, as it is the earliest record of our volunteers to see the changes in their size, but it’s quite possible that you can observe the size boost within your first month. 

Is GentroMax worth it?

To summarize, GentroMax is the only pill we’ve tested that delivered real penis enlargement results – OF COURSE, it’s worth it. You won’t find better results with other supplements. We’ve seen what traditional penis enlargement pills can do, and we believe that GentroMax belongs in a different category. It’s unfair to compare GentroMax with other penis enlargement brands at this point. 

We’ve raved and trashed other brands before, but with GentroMax, we felt that it was necessary to give the brand the praise it deserves. Building and perfecting a unique formula for 8 years is no joke, and it paid off in the end. That alone makes us believe that the men behind GentroMax have the biggest balls in the business – real men, indeed. 

Should you take GentroMax? That’s up to you. This supplement is no joke. It will change your body from the inside, and you have to be prepared for it, but like the origins of GentroMax, your commitment will pay off in the end. 

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