Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Review: Is it Effective?     

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Summary

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Ingredients
Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream is produced by Civant to counteract the age spot and unsightly marks development. It feeds the skin cells revitalizing nutrients and sinks deep to the microcellular level to moisturize.

This skin care company claims that their recipe diminishes the appearance of unsightly age spots and telltale acne scars. Civant says that even the visibility of severe hyperpigmentation will vanish. The scientific data and facts for the ingredients is listed below.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Ingredients and Functions

Hyperpigmentation issuesUva-Ursi is affectionately called Bearberry and it contains alpha-arbutin. Skin cells absorb this property then use it to manufacture the natural form of hydroquinone. Many products designed to brighten the skin contain this component. There are manmade versions as well that are blended into pharmaceuticals to correct hyperpigmentation.

Phenyflavones are obtained from mulberry to be included in personal care products for detoxifying the skin. They stimulate the circulation and clean deep down in facial pores. These properties are known to block acne development and rehydrate parched skin cells.

Compounds from licorice have been revealed to produce anti-inflammatory actions and battle acne causing bacteria. Licorice also provides five separate properties which inhibit tyrosinase activity and thereby block melanin production.

Vitamin E is a traditional skin care ingredient around the world. It shields the skin from hydration loss while deeply moisturizing it. This anti-oxidant filled vitamin provides tons of free radical destroyers which protect skin cells and prevent oxidative stress from environmental influences such as the sun.

Asorbic acid which is included in skin care products is most commonly from vitamin C. It demonstrated the abilities to refreshingly purify while penetrating deep to exfoliate naturally. In clinical trials it was discovered to heal skin which is photo or sun damaged.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Dosage

This cream is to be applied to the face twice each day followed by a 10-minute wait and the application of a moisturizer. The company says to always wear a sunscreen with this product.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Pros and Cons

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Pros

There is great user feedback posted about Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream.

Research has been completed on all of the ingredients on an individual basis.

There is no hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, or parabens in this formula.

Civant offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

The company accepts used and unused merchandise for returns.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Cons

The post market product has no scientific information for efficacy.

It is most always currently unavailable on Amazon.

There is only 30 days for the return policy.

The refund policy is for new customers only.

It is somewhat pricy.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Shop Spot

There are a number of skin care websites which carry this product as does the official Civant site. It is $49.99 for a 1.7-ounce bottle or $79.99 for 3.4 ounces.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Conclusion

This product appears to offer effective lightening results; however, at least 17% of users say they saw no results. It seems a bit pricy when there are less expensive, yet effective formulas on the market.

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