Lose Weight and Keep it Off


We all have goals of losing a certain amount of weight, and although that is achievable, sometimes it can be hard to keep it off. If you have tried and failed before, there is no

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Common Health Risks Associated with Obesity


Easily the biggest problem plaguing Americans, young or old, is obesity. Hands down, obesity is the most common health problem facing Americans today. With the unhealthy McDonald’s being the uncontested king of the American restaurant

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How to Get a Six Pack


Everyone wants a six pack right? It is the epitome of male strength and health. So, why is it so hard to get a six pack? First, there are lifestyle changes that you need to

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Taming the Beast


We all love to eat. It makes us feel comfortable. From the favorite meal we use to eat as children, to the memories we make now with new additions to the family at Thanksgiving dinner.

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Emotional Eating: How to Stop a Binge in Its Tracks


Whether it be an argument with our spouse, a hard day at work, or whatever our cause of stress may be, we are all guilty of indulging ourselves in food to deal with our stress.

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Does Redotex Work?


About Redotex Redotex is a weight loss product that claims to help you shed six pounds in only a week. It is said to be the simplest safest method to lose weight for good. Since

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Does Lipo-G3 Work?


Lipo-G3 Overview Lipo-G3 is a weight loss supplement that’s mainly composed of garcinia cambogia, a well-known herb that’s widely believed to be potent in producing fat loss benefits. This ingredient is claimed to be efficient

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