Does Blue Goo Sooth Aches and Pains?

by Supplement Market
Does Blue Goo Sooth Aches and Pains?

Joint pain creams, gels, packs, and pills. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways available to help ease your joint pain. But which one works? It can be over whelming to even go to the drug store. You keep throwing away your money time and time again, you keep settling for products that work, but not their best. It is hard to trust packaging anymore. People will say anything to sell their product. That is why it is necessary to do extra research before buying anything now-a-days.

We are going to bring our research to the table on the joint pain product Blue Goo and see if this could give you the best possible relief for your daily discomfort.

Introduction to Blue Goo

Joint pain reliefMeet Blue Goo, the gel or cream that targets arthritic areas to provide pain relief through topical application. Blue Goo claims to work deep down in skin. It can help not only chronic joint pain, but sprains and temporary tendonitis. If you have an athlete in the house or someone with chronic backaches Blue Goo may be a must have. It relaxes the muscles and tendons and promotes full range of motion for affected areas once again. NO more stiffness to stop you from performing the activities you enjoy. The product promises professional strength results for pain relief. It is offered as both a gel or cream for whatever floats your boat. Travel sizes and larger economy sized bottles are available.

Key Blue Goo Promises:

  • Temporary relief for aches, pains and strains
  • Increased mobility and range of motion
  • Potent and safe ingredients
  • Relaxes and loosens tension
  • Fast Results

What’s Inside Pain Relief Cream Blue Goo?

Ingredients of Blue GooMSM, Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulfate, Emu Oil, Menthol, and White Willow Bark are the main ingredients in the formula. There are other herbs that are added and blended into the complete pain relief concoction. Emu Oil is the carrier oil for the solution that has triglyceride lipids similar to those found in the skin. Emu Oil makes the rest of the herbs and anti-inflammatory properties to be absorbed deeper into the skin without phospholipids to block up the skin cell absorption process.

How To Apply:

Just squeeze some cream or gel out and apply to the affected area as needed. Do not use in conjunction with a heating pad. DO not give to children under 6 years old. Avoid putting near the mucous membranes, eyes included.

Is Blue Goo A Good Choice For Pain Relief?

The bottom line is, yes, Blue Goo has a solid ingredient list, no toxic ingredients and emu oil. Emu oil has fats nearly identical to those already found in the skin, which make it a great carrier for topical pain relief ingredients. Many users rave about this product for all their pain relief needs. It is great to keep in the medicine cabinet for a family of all ages, those sports athletes or arthritis sufferers.

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