Is Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash Actually Fabulous?

by Supplement Market
Is Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash Actually Fabulous?

Rose hip extractBliss spa is a New York City staple. It is an upscale chain that has expanded ten fold since its inauguration in 1996. They have since released their own product line, that use to only be exclusively available at the spa locations, to an international market. Celebrities and upper echelons have been going to Bliss spas and using their skin care products for the last decade. Now since their rise in mainstream popularity many believe they are a great source for home skin care.

Today we are going to review their Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash to determine if it is actually as fabulous as the company claims. The wash is a two in one gel cleanser and exfoliator designed for daily use to remove dirt and make-up after a long day. The cleanser is designed to work universally on all different skin types, it doesn’t target one issue. It’s main M.O. is to deep clean skin and preserve original moisture levels and balance the skin.

The main stars of the formula are: chamomile, rose hip, milk thistle, and passion flower. These ingredients work together to create a symphony of skin care. They create a fresh faced look for users.

How to Purchase

Price:$24/ 6.6 oz

You can either purchase Bliss products at your next visit to the Bliss Spa or at any online retialer that carries the product. Starting with the 6.6 oz bottle is a good idea to see how your skin reacts to the product.

Key Ingredients in Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

  • Glycerine for moisture
  • Rose Hip Extract for skin cell regeneration and to reduce the appearance of old acne scars
  • Passion Flower Extract to soften the skin
  • Chamomile Extract is an organic compound that is antiseptic and helps to deeply cleanse the skin
  • Polyethylene Beads to slough away dead old skin to leave skin radiant

How Does The Face Wash Work?

This Foaming Face Wash works to cleanse and dissolve dirt and debris from the skin and soften it simultaneously. The exfoliating beads work away old dull skin and dirt to offer users a fresh faced look.

What’s Fabulous about this Face Wash?

  • Exfoliates to remove deep down dirt
  • Removes make up, eliminating the need for a make up remover
  • Oil-free
  • Designed for all skin types
  • Foams and exfoliates

What isn’t so Fabulous about this Face Wash?

  • Some users experienced breakouts
  • Exfoliating beads are synthetic and cause damage to the environment
  • A little expensive when compared with drug store brand

Is it Worth The Skin Care Splurge?

Skin care productBliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is $24, which is pretty pricey for a super basic cleanser that just foams and exfoliates and doesn’t have anti-aging or acne fighting ingredients. It seems to do what any basic daily Neutrogena or Clean and Clear cleanser might for half the price or less. Good skin care products do sometimes cost a lot of money,  I would just save up and get more speciality products from Bliss, unless you have money to throw around to get their entire line. This product does work to cleanse skin effectively and works for most skin types. It is a great staple to keep next to the sink for daily cleaning.

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