A Review of Xylestril

General Idea

Increase sexual desireXylestril for women is a weight-loss product that’s also being claimed by its maker to also generate other results. This includes boost of sex drive, improvement of skin, acne removal, curing of premenstrual syndrome, and even increasing the size of a woman’s bosom. Information about the company that’s manufacturing Xylestril is not available in the present, but it’s out in the open that they’re also selling the same product as Xylestril in the name of Curvatim. Orders can be made via online as well as e-Bay. Businesses selling supplements usually do this to avoid being assessed by the FTC. According to its company, Xylestril can cause you to lose weight in just a week. It is because you’re supposed to shed 8-12 pounds in that short span of time. Naturally, this is not possible for most and what’s more is that it doesn’t seem healthy as well. To further, there may an FAQ segment on the official site but answers to significant questions are not complete. The response from customers as stated via feedbacks is not very optimistic. Most expressed their disappointments, saying Xylestril did not really help them lose weight, only cleared their poor skin. In addition, although it’s been said there’s 100% guarantee, regulations regarding refunds aren’t clearly specified.

How Xylestril Works

Ingredients of XylestrilThis product contains natural ingredients. These are cinnamon, green tea, soy, chocolate, magnolia bark, ginger root, and dong quai. Even though these ingredients are itemized, the quantity of each component in every pill is not, still making the ingredients part incomplete. This may be a red flag especially for those who rely in the completeness of details before deciding to try a product. The chocolate in the formulation is in fact chocamine. Still, both come from cocoa and share the same benefits. The only difference is that chocamine doesn’t have fat or sugar. Green tea here means there are antioxidants, which is why this product is good for the skin. The presence of dong quai also means it’s effective as a PMS reliever. Other than these, there are no other ingredients in Xylestril to justify its claimed benefits. Nothing that can enhance libido, increase cup size, or even facilitate weight loss. Use of Xylestril is not complicated. Just take 1 capsule 2-4 times a day, or you can choose to take 2 capsules twice a day. It is suggested to take Xylestril at least 8 hours before sleeping as the caffeine in the chocamine and green tea can be potent stimulants.

Good things about Xylestril

Every component listed as part of its formula is natural.

Negative things about Xylestril

Reviews, testimonials, comments, etc. aren’t good.

No clinical studies, trials or anything from the medical community to back it up.

Quantities of the ingredients are not specified.

Hoodia Gordonii, a potent component to suppress hunger is not included in the formulation.

Existence of a comparable product labeled with another name.

It’s hard to believe its claims particularly the part where it can boost a woman’s breasts size.

Summing Up

The price of Xylestril was intended at $119.99. The creators even announced it as the usual cost of the product; however, they’re now offering it for $39.99. The reason behind this enormous discount is unknown, although it appears to be a sales trick. Still, even the discounted price of $39.99 cannot be considered cheap mainly because Xylestril’s reviews are mostly negative. Plus, there are no genuine medical studies to substantiate its assertions.

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