7 Signs You’re A Silver Lining Chasing Optimist

by Supplement Market

You choose what you think. This finding has revolutionized the field of psychology over the last twenty years. If you look for the good things around you, you will see them. If you choose not to, you will not. The choice is yours.

Thinking more positively leads to increased happiness, health, and wealth over the course of your lifetime. While unrelenting optimism isn’t the goal as it can seem false and lead to irresponsibility, having a core foundation of optimism will remind you that good always will come and help you prepare for the worst that may happen. Optimism is the ultimate form of realistic thinking because you know that positive outcomes are your responsibility.

Here are seven traits of optimists that can help you stay on the bright side of life.

#1 Make Gratefulness Automatic

Optimists count every blessing that comes their way. Rather than complain they choose to keep track of all the good things that are happening in their lives. Obstacles, failures, and hardships are welcomed because they birth pearls of wisdom and resilience. Without trying anything new, comfort will be a constant and so will stagnancy. Optimists would rather risk the chance of failing every time than to never try.

#2 Maximize All Opportunities

women positive networkingOptimists take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to them. They are well aware of the risks that come with chances but remain focused on the larger picture, the resources available to help them, and the belief that they can milk every opportunity to achieve the maximum return on investment. Optimists live their lives future-oriented. They know that the seeds you sow today will grow into possibilities later on. Optimists are visionary realists who turn their ideas into reality through positivity, hard work, and pluck.

#3 Make Self-belief Constant

Optimists embrace their abilities no matter where their abilities are when they first begin an activity. They trust that they are good enough for whatever task is thrown at them and strive to get better at all times. If they find they are lacking a skill that is needed they immediately seek more knowledge and people to build these skills. Rather than comparing themselves to others, optimists believe in their intuition and abilities throughout all day-to-day activities.

While others may negatively compare themselves to peers and arbitrary rules, optimists avoid this behavior knowing many of these rules are unrealistic and generalized. Though they are touted as fact by popular media and peers, these rules should be modified or broken. Optimists seek only their own approval and live their lives exploring the activities and people that align with their values. With this unbreakable self-belief, optimists purse only what makes them happy and builds their confidence. This may be why they smile so much.

#4 Believe In Others

Optimists believe wholeheartedly in themselves, and they also believe in others. Interactions with optimists are pleasant because they are very inspiring. Not only do optimists want to reach their own full potential, they love seeing others reach theirs. When you are around an optimist you may discover you are becoming a better version of yourself. This is because optimists do not treat you as you are, but as you ought to be. They are able to see the good in you and stoke this potential into greatness.

#5 Use Positive Self-talk

positive vibes from manOptimists aren’t deterred by circumstance or environment. They have cultivated an attitude and mood that stands on its own. Positive self-talk is used to boost their belief in their hopes, actions, outcomes, and attitude. When things are going poorly they coach themselves through this by reinforcing the idea that they can solve whatever the problem is. Similarly, when success occurs optimists know they earned this success and use it to fuel their next goals, whereas pessimists may attribute their success to luck. By keeping your successes tied to your hard work you will ensure you remain the driving force in your own victory.

#6 Use Envy And Jealousy To Fuel Success

Jealousy is an emotion that everyone experiences sometimes. For pessimists or those who aren’t quite optimists, envy and jealousy can rage within them and burn down their chances of success. As they focus on someone else’s success they may forget to work on their own. Optimists know that someone else’s success belongs to that person. Through hard work, that person achieved their goals and so the optimist must do the same. Rather than obsess over another’s success, optimists may admire a successful person. This admiration will motivate them to work harder and create their own success.

#7 Remember That Bad Experiences Do Not Determine The Future

Today is not tomorrow. This is the motto of optimists. While today may have been filled with failure and suffering, tomorrow is blank and filled with promise. When you persist despite challenges, that is when success comes. Optimists do not dwell in the past, especially the negative events that have occurred. They do not have time to look back, because their visions for the future are pulling them so quickly forward. For them, bad experiences build strength and teach valuable lessons.

Optimism is key to getting through the ups and downs of life. By cultivating a positive outlook on life that is independent of the events that occur, you can remain ready for everything. Whether that is a positive event like a new baby or job, or a negative event like a death or job loss, building a foundation of positivity can do nothing but improve your life. Starting today, begin to cultivate one of these traits of an optimist and continue until your foundation is strong.

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