6 Rope Training Exercises to Switch Up Your Workout

by Supplement Market

Bodyweight training can be an excellent way to tone the body, but it can become a little repetitive. Introducing one piece of equipment can help to switch your game up and introduce a new challenge to the body to prevent it from adapting to the routine workout. A rope works as an excellent piece of equipment to train the body. For the following exercises, you need quite a thick heavy rope as opposed to a jump rope. You can use this at home or in the gym but you need quite a wide, open space. However, a rope can tone your whole body and provide a new routine to work with.

 1. Rope Slam

This exercise provides a thorough anaerobic workout for the body, toning the legs, glutes, back, and arms. You will need something heavy to anchor one end of the rope, such as kettlebell or a gallon of milk. Tie the rope on and stand as far away as possible. Lift the rope high above your head, stretching on to your tiptoes. Slam the rope down as hard as possible, bending to a squat position. The idea is to attempt to make the rope ripple all the way down the line to the anchor. Repeat this 40-50 times for a full workout.

 2. Making Waves


Loop the rope over something, such as a bar. Take both ends of the rope and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Bend down into a squat. Move both ends of the rope in an up and down motion to create waves along the rope. Carry on doing this for 1 full minute non-stop, trying to keep the same speed and pace for the entire minute. This will tone your arm muscles while giving your thighs and glutes a small workout. Take a short break and repeat.

 3. Rope Twist

This move will tone your core and will help to get pronounced obliques. Stand with the rope in both hands and feet hip-width apart. The middle of the rope should be looped around something like before. Twist your body and bring both hands to your hip on one side. Now twist the other way taking your hands with you. Repeat 20 times before taking a break.

 4. Boat Twist

This is an extension of the above move. It will help with balance as well as core training. Sit with your knees bent. Loop the rope over a bar and have hold of both ends. Lift your feet off the ground and so that your torso and thighs are a V shape, and your lower legs point outward. Now twist and both hands to one side, making sure the rope jumps over your feet. Twist to the other side. See how many you can do in 30 seconds before taking a short break.

 5. Twist and Turn

preview-full-rope-guy-exerciseThis exercise will tone your forearms in particular, but will also help to build strong wrists and triceps. Stand with each end of the rope in your hands. Spin the rope around in small circles the size of a soccer ball. Twist them the other way. Do this continuously for 30 seconds at a time.

 6. Sidewave

This will tone your arms and your pectoral muscles. The rope should be looped through something as an anchor. Hold the each end of the rope. Bring one hand to chest height and one to waist height. Wave the rope side to side. After 30 seconds, switch hands and then take a break.

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