14 Things You Should Do to Drastically Improve Your Sex and Relationship

by Arthur Evans
romantic couple intimate moment

Feeling like a pro? Well, you might be, but as the experts say, there’s always room for improvement. No matter how great your sex life gets, it will come to a point when you feel something is missing. It’s because, as humans, our needs and wants are constantly changing, depending on the mood, the weather, and yes, the person we are with.

If you’re in a committed relationship, we’re sure the following tips to improve sex and relationship would be of great help in igniting those sparks again. And even if you aren’t, improving your sexual experience might get you into one. That is if you’re ready. Whichever the case may be, the following tips can be life changing.

1. Communicate often

For those in a committed relationship, keeping healthy communication can be challenging. This can happen when the two of you are busy dealing with life’s whereabouts on a daily basis. Seeing each other and doing sex would be enough to keep the relationship going at first. But time will come when you feel something is missing. And it’s when you feel you lose the connection the two of you used to have.

No matter how busy life could get, never estimate the power of communication. Even a short call can serve as a reminder of how a person is loved and cared for.

2. Take advantage of technology

Maintaining a connection doesn’t have to be formal or a long talk. Sexy messages through email or instant messaging can help you get excited for great sex later. Sending her sexy words or talking dirty over the phone not only excites her but also sets the mood for a better orgasm.

3. Set aside time for sex

It’s much easier for couples, especially married ones with children, to put their relationship and sex life at the bottom of their priority list. This may seem unavoidable but for the sake of keeping a healthy relationship, you should never set aside time for each other. You must include time for sex in your schedule. A few times a week is enough to keep your relationship and connection stay stronger.

sweet couple sensual touch4. Touch each other often

Kissing and caressing each other even when you don’t intend to have sex is another great way of strengthening your bond. A loving embrace or an intimate touch is enough to show love and care, which are the foundation of a great relationship.

5. Give her time to relax

Men can dive easily into sex when they get excited, women, on the other hand, respond well for great sex after they have relaxed. This is one secret of getting her into the mood.

Massage her feet or body after a busy day or volunteer to shampoo her hair while she takes her bath. She is likely to respond positively to your sexual urges when her nerves have calmed down and relaxed.

6. Never skip foreplay

Even if you’ve been together for years, foreplay still plays an important role in your sex life. It’s one great way to gearing up the autonomic nervous system, increasing sensitivity and excitement, as well as the likelihood of more orgasm.

Foreplay may mean waiting for a while longer, but your effort will definitely pay off. So, never take chances.

7. Give time to her other sensitive parts

The breasts and the genitalia are often the target areas during sex. But these are not the only parts of a woman’s body that can excite her. Her neck, inner thighs, and even her feet can give her much pleasure too. Never neglect these parts. Focusing on these areas once in a while can change the routine and add excitement to your sexual experience.

8. Let her take the lead

Another way to have better sex is to allow your woman to be on the lead. Let her initiate sexual pleasure and let her do anything that she finds pleasurable. Being on top of you can be pleasurable for both of you. And it gives her more power to feel in charge.

9. Get creative

Sometimes, the same positions can be boring and predictable. But this should not stop you from enjoying great sex even if you’ve done it countless times. You can get creative and add variations to your sexual positions. You can discuss it to spice things up.

Sex toys, new lingerie, new positions, there are endless options you can choose from. Variation is one key to have a better sex.

10. Find a new place

Another way to add variety to your sex life is by changing your location. The two of you may take a vacation in some remote and safe place, like in nature or at the beach. The good vibes of the place can help boost your excitement and pleasure.

11. Make love, not just sex

There’s a huge difference between making love and having sex. Making love is having sex with the person you love and feel affectionate about. You can have sex with anybody without loving and caring for them. So, when you’re together, make sure to connect with her on a much deeper level and not just on the physical.

lube and condoms12. Lubricant is a big help

It’s not true that only menopausal women can experience dryness in their vagina. Younger women who are in the mood but undergo a stressful circumstance, like in the workplace or at home caring for the kids, can suffer dryness too. It’s these times when lubricants can come in handy.

13. Shower her compliments

Women are designed to appreciate compliments. Surely, there’s a part of her body that you love the most. Make sure she knows about it. It will make her feel good. When she’s feeling good about herself, it can increase her confidence and sexual desires.

14. Abstinence can be good

Yes, there are times of the month where abstinence from sex can be mandatory. She might be having her period or gone for a business trip. Take this abstinence as something that can make your heart grow fonder. The next time you’re in bed, you lust for each other more, leading to much better and greater sex.

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