12 Simple Hacks to Re-Energize in the Afternoon

by Supplement Market

If you feel your energy is not any good in the afternoon; that it makes it difficult for you to focus on your work, or worse; it makes you question why you need to work and how awesome it would feel to just sleep all day – don’t worry because you’re not the only one. It’s somehow natural for our energies to plummet during this crucial period, but there are ways you can do to beat the afternoon slump.

1. Go out of the office and bask in the afternoon sun

preview-full-shutterstock_317335031You can have your lunch outside and allot time for eating and walking. With this, your chronological clock will be retuned, which will lower the amount of melatonin or the sleep hormone the body generates during this period of circadian plunge. Plus, exposure to daylight can give you Vitamin D, which helps lower the risk of osteoporosis and even multiple cancers.

2. Eat energizing protein for lunch

Our energies get sapped in the afternoon because most of us consume lots of carbs for lunch. If you want this to stop in order to achieve productivity, try eating tuna salad instead of tuna sandwich. Go for a green salad with sliced turkey instead of your usual pasta salad. You may find it hard to change your usual diet, but bear in mind that this really makes a huge difference. Going for protein-rich foods and avoid carbs to be feel reinvigorated in the afternoon.

3. Go for a mid-afternoon tea


It’s great to have a cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon. Better yet, try and make this a habit if this isn’t yet. It’s an effective way of beating the urge to doze off thanks to its caffeine.

4. Organize your desk and inbox

Cleaning your desk and emptying your inbox of unnecessary emails are no-brainer tasks that don’t need your focus or clarity, but accomplishing such tasks will give you more energy due to the satisfaction you’ll feel from seeing everything on your desk and computer organized.

5. Make a quick phone call

Talking to your child, or a friend, parents, wife, or sibling even for just a few minutes will lift your frame of mind for hours and revive your spirits to help you accomplish your afternoon duties.

6. Being peppermint oil

Peppermint is known for its energy-boosting aroma. You can use this when you’re feeling low on energy in the afternoon by rubbing it over your face. Avoid contact on the eyes.

7. Dig in for dark chocolate

Surely you’ve heard before that dark chocolate is healthier than its milk counterpart. It’s actually nearer to the nuts category in terms of its nutrients than sweets since it contains high levels of antioxidants and healthy fats. Also, dark chocolate has plenty of fiber and magnesium. It only has little caffeine, but the taste is still surely satisfying. Remember to only eat not more than one square.

8. Allot your afternoon for the work that you like the most

Since your energy in the morning is in its highest, take advantage of this by doing the work you don’t like. Leave the tasks you enjoy doing for later. This way even with that afternoon slump approaching, you can still fight it and maintain your energy because you’re doing the things you love the most.

9. Spice up your routine with some variety

According to studies, our mental focus decline after just an hour and it doesn’t get better afterwards. Our ability to concentrate continues to deteriorate, especially when the tasks involved are monotonous. Without a little variety, the tasks become mind-numbing and energy-sucking after about an hour and a half that your productivity is gone. Hence, when you feel that your focus is starting to fade, do something else for 30 minutes.

10. Get up as frequently as you can

Research shows that even quick movements can help to maintain your alertness while also helping you keep fit. Instead of sending messages to your colleagues, stop by their desks and tell or ask them something personally.

11. Listen to energizing songs

Pump up your consciousness with a great song accompanied with an energetic beat. Put on your headphones for some private jamming session that will help you fight low energy levels in the afternoon.

12. Afternoon snack that’ll get the blood flowing

Snacking on processed foods will make you even weaker and more tired than you already are. A milk chocolate bar is not a good idea, either. It raises your blood sugar giving you an energy increase, but once the sugar is gone your energy will plummet and you’ll be back feeling even worse. Instead, snack on foods that are high protein, fiber, and complex carbs, such as whole-grain crackers or raw veggies.

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