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Writing is an excellent way to flex your creative juices. With words, you can build worlds, lives, and send messages of hope and love to your readers. With words, you can build memories that never existed and make your readers cry for characters that you thought up in your head. Writing is a powerful artistic medium that can be used to create anything you can imagine.

But, often, writers are prone to feeling discouraged and doubtful of their abilities. They may stop writing for fear of no one liking their work or, for that matter, they may think they have nothing to say. None of this is true. Writing is both easy and very hard. It’s as simple as typing or writing one word after another, but as hard as building a world that will traverse many, many generations as classics do. Is it worthwhile and good for your health? YES, yes it is, and here’s why.


Humans are made to create. Whether you use a pen, paintbrush, your voice, your mathematical ability, or code, we are wired to create something from nothing. Creativity boosts your health, self-esteem, and overall vitality. Writing is a form of creativity that can be used to build pictures, images, and emotions from words. That is very powerful and can lead to great boosts in self-esteem.


Writing can lead to relaxation and boosts in positivity through its meditative qualities. When you write, your brain may go into a state that is similar to meditation. Other than the above-mentioned benefits, you may also experience a reduction in stress, better problem solving, and the ability to handle frustration better. By meditating through writing you can go deep into the world you have created and experience the world of your characters as if it is your own; as if their lives and emotions are your own. This may provide boosts in your empathy.


In order to write the human experience, you must observe the human experience. Many writers people-watch in order to get the feel of people’s body langue and conversational overtures. Oftentimes, when writing conversation you don’t want to make it too lifelike. While this sounds great in real life it can sound bad when on the page. Instead, you want to approximate speech when writing. Pick the interesting bits and leave the boring parts out. Not to mention, you may constantly analyze others and gain a deeper understanding of their motivations. This can enrich your life and give you fuller experiences.


top view of man typing on his laptop Writing requires concentration and attention that may be hindered by the lure of television and technology. In order to weave a literary web, you must be able to sustain focus. If you miss a thread or create an incorrect stitch you may find your web unraveling in the form of plot holes or inconsistent character reactions. As your attention increases, you can master new subjects faster, get more done, and with this increased productivity, you will feel better about yourself and enjoy all of the progress you are making on your masterpiece.


There are many books and readers in the world, and so, there are many writers in the world. The writing community, whether traditional or self-published, is a big container full of people from many different backgrounds. They are connected through their love for storytelling through words. When you begin writing, for publication or not, you join an online and offline community consisting of blogging, live readings, writing and critique groups, and self-publishing sites like Scribd and Smashwords.


Writing helps to cement stories and memories through time. Have you ever read a story that was written hundreds of years ago and it hit you in a very deep place? You may read stories written in the 1800s talking about children who loved to ask tons of question or were obsessed with the latest trend. These timeless stories preserved a piece of history through their stories, structure, and usage of words. The authors left a legacy for future generations so they would not be lost.


Writing and reading is fun! Through well-written prose, which can be hard to do, reading is very fun. Whether the story is funny or the character just can’t get a break or the villain is striving to be better, you are sucked into these words created from a certain combination of words put down onto paper or types in a word processor. Fun leads to less stress, anxiety, and a more carefree spirit that is needed as jobs become more demanding, higher levels of education are needed, and hope can, at times, seem like it has deserted us.


bearded guy typing in an old typewriterWriting is excellent fuel for imagination. You don’t have to give up your imagination once you hit your double digits. Use it! This will keep your brain sharp and fill you with hope and joy. With more of these emotions, you can go into the world and make a positive difference. Your imagination is what sets you apart from everyone else. It’s based on your unique knowledge, perspective, and skill set. Unleash it through writing.


There are many griefs, upsets, and wounds that we endure before we even become adults. There are many we endure when we become adults. Writing can help you work through these past and present pains so you can forgive and let go. This will help you move on to the new life that is waiting just beyond the injury that is holding you back. You can discuss poor treatment in the context of fiction or write a memoir. Both will help you process your emotions and realize your amazing self-worth.


You are a writer and writing gives you great enjoyment. It’s not for the money (though that helps!), but for the expression of your own soul. Writing is your means to express all of the feelings you never had the words for before. You can do this at your own pace with no eyes watching.

Go forth and write!


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