10 Penis Enlargement Options for You to Consider

by Arthur Evans

What is the average penis size? Many men worry about their penis size even though they have an average size, which is quite enough to satisfy their partner. Some popular penis enlargement methods are stretching exercise for penis (jelqing), male enhancement pills, penis enlargement surgery, etc. Most of the procedures offered for penis enlargement are infructuous and may have severe drawbacks.

People run after penis enlargement methods due to the influence of pornography and pop culture, often boasting unrealistic sexual performances.

Many men worry about their penis size, and they believe their underperformance attributes to the size of the penis. Such worries relate to Wizard of Oz syndrome because men try to find a reason for their poor performance, a primary syndrome of behavioral reactions. However, the individuals react in different ways in a given situation.

It is interesting to note that most men have a normal-sized penis even though they worry about its size. In an erected position, the average length of a penis is 5.16 inches. Almost 90% of men have 4-6 inches size penis, which is normal.

Fundamental facts

  • The average length of the penis is 5.16 inches when erect. More than 90% of men have 4-6 inches size penis.
  • As low as 55% of men are happy with their penis size, as per some research studies.
  • Pornography and pop culture are why some men fall under the illusion of having a large penis to satisfy their wild sexual desires, which are unrealistic and contrary to the facts.
  • Wanting to have a large penis is a psychological disorder, which is termed “penis dysmorphic disorder” (PDD) or “small penis anxiety.”
  • Penis extension methods do have significant downsides and/or are risky.

There have been many studies on the size of the penis and its effects on sexual satisfaction. A survey in 2006 on 52,031 heterosexual individuals showed that while 55% of men were dissatisfied with the size of their penis, 85% of women were otherwise content with their partner’s size.

10 Penis Enlargement Options for You to Consider

Albeit, if you still believe in having penis enlargement, the following are the standard methods to increase the penis size.

1. Surgery to increase penile length

In this process, the suspensory ligament undergoes knifing to increase the length of the penis. Here, you must understand that the suspensory ligament holds the penis to the pubic bone. The suspensory ligament holds the penis the way how a bridge gets suspended with the suspensory post. Think about a scenario, when you cut the suspensory base, the bridge obviously tends to move down. Cohen refuses to endorse the practice by saying that it will fail to produce the desired result.

2. Surgery to increase penile girth

For men looking for increased girth, surgeons inject the patient’s fat into the penis or wrap a material something similar to Alloderm under the penis’s skin. The material like Alloderm is harvested from sterilized tissues of cadavers. When this tissue is covered under the skin, it will form like a sushi roll filled with seaweed. Alloderm is not for using penis enlargement but an approved substance for use in burn therapy reconstructive surgery. So, this is an “off-label use,’ and also it may be a reason for infection and skin necrosis.

3. Penis injections

Doctors also use cosmetic fillers by injecting them into the penis to get increased girth. These fillers are the same substances used on lips, smile lines, and brows to have a cosmetic appeal. Cohen is skeptical about its use, and he says he had never used it but seen patients who underwent the treatment. The effectiveness of the fillers depends on the quality of the substance. Fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane are proven substances for their effectiveness. Its efficacy lasts for about six months, and the body gradually absorbs the fillers over a while. They are not developed for penis enlargement and have never been clinically tested for it. So, we cannot confirm its clinical effectiveness for an extended period, as no data is available to this effect, says Cohen.

Technically speaking, using fillers to enhance the girth of the penis will have significant downfalls. Since the penis is a vascular organ full of soft muscle and spaces to hold blood, filling some areas with cosmetic fillers may have a lumpy, bumpy appearance during erection. It is against the basic concept to have a penis girth; hence is not the desired option.

4. Penile Implants

Penile implants have been using as a treatment for patients who have irreversible Erectile Dysfunction for many years. In 2004, a new cosmetic enhancement Penuma got the FDA approval, which is a silicone sleeve that costs a cool US$13,000. The results were overwhelming as per a study conducted on 400 men who received Penuma implants by the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  On average, they registered a girth increase of 56.7%.  After two years, 81% of the recipients experienced a high or very high level of satisfaction.

10 Penis Enlargement Options for You to Consider

However, many urologists won’t recommend penile implants for penis enlargement. That’s because these implants are for patients who don’t respond to conservative treatments and have irreversible erectile dysfunction. He also has the opinion that implants and fillers do have their disadvantages. Because of these reasons, most urologists won’t recommend these types of treatments.

5. Penis extension devices

Penile extenders are typical traction devices using for extending the length of the penis. Many of the body parts can stretch after continuous usage of traction devices. The same principle applies to lengthening the penis by strapping the device to the flaccid penis. The patient needs to wear the device for an extended period, maybe for several hours a day, which will help to lengthen the penis. It is a prolonged process, and it will take extended months for visible results.

6. Jelqing

If you put excess pressure on the penis and if you break the microvasculature or micro neurological structure of the penis, it is hard to repair. You can find many stretching exercises or jelqing for the penis online. During the process, you pull the flaccid penis and massage it with a unique device or fingers. You cannot expect a permanent result after jelqing, but there are chances for neurological tears, leading to a numb penis. Jelqing also may damage veins and arteries, leading to permanent erectile dysfunction.

7. Penis pumps

Penile pumps are vacuum apparatus that can coax blood flow to the penis, causing an erection. But it won’t help to enlarge the penis. As per the study of BJU International on 37 men, the results were not promising.  They used a penis pump for 20 minutes, thrice a week for six months. The average penis length increase was only .3cm, which was insignificant in clinical statistical terms. Only 30% of the patients were happy with the result, and registered effectiveness was only 10%.

Additionally, using penile pumps may be a reason for ED; hence, he doesn’t recommend the treatment. It must also be noted that some younger men who try to extend the girth of the penis by using a penile pump may end up developing erectile dysfunction themselves. The funny part of using a penis pump is that men try it for few minutes and then stash it in their closets until they end up just gathering dust.

8. Male enhancement supplements

Some ads might be seductive due to some promises certain male enhancement supplements tend to make. However, the truth of the matter is no one supplement is a silver bullet for each man. Every supplement affects each person differently depending on a host of factors, including the efficacy of the supplement. Be wary of supplements that overpromise and underdeliver.

9. Lose the excess pounds

It is all about appearances. If you can try to lose weight, your penis may look large. Especially in obese men, fat in the naval/pubic area may overlap over the penis, and as a result, your penis may look small.  It is a case of “buried penis syndrome,” and you can overcome the issue with weight loss.  With the help of a professional dietician, a balanced diet and regular exercise can catalyze your sexual life. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and losing weight are paramount factors to improve the erection quality.

10. Shave your pubes

Shaving pubic hair is the best way to make your penis look large. You can trim it or shave by using “body grooming” shavers which are safe to use.  These shavers come with safety guards as attachments to protect you from undesirable cuts and scratches on the sensitive area.

10 Penis Enlargement Options for You to Consider

Are you suffering from penis dysmorphic disorder (PDD)?

Well, it is an interesting question. As per psychological terms, it is known as small penis anxiety, which disturbs many men thinking that size only can satisfy the partner, which is an illusion. The PDD had got injected into the minds of men because of the porn and pop culture influence. Men revolve around this unrealistic illusion to have a large penis. Don’t believe what you see on TV ads and pornography.  Most porn stars have an extra-large penis, which is not natural. But most of them use steroids or other artificial stimuli for erection.

Disclaimer The article does not constitute a medical journal for treating penis erectile dysfunction or other sexual disorders. It is only academic content based on various research articles meant for educational and sexual awareness purposes. Readers who suffer from dysfunctional or sexual disorders must consult with a healthcare professional and take proper treatment.

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