10 Embarrassing Sex Stories That Can Actually Make You Laugh

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At some point in your sex life, you might have encountered a totally embarrassing moment, that experience when your stomach cringes every time it comes to mind.

Don’t feel bad about it though, you’re not alone in this hilarious sex ride. The stories of others might be much embarrassing than yours.

If you’re not convinced yet, read these stories from the most honest people in Reddit and try not to laugh, unless you’re with someone close enough to share a seriously steamy laugh with.

The connection between sunburn and sex.

If you think it’s okay to get sunburned while basking under the sun at the beach, you’re way too wrong. This guy learned the importance of sunscreen the hard way.

While visiting Legoland in San Diego, California with his girlfriend, this guy enjoyed the beach and the sun without caring to put on some sunscreen. Later that night, he screamed in pain the middle of their sexy time. His sunburned skin was just too painful to ignore.

Lesson: Lather on some sunscreen when you’re at the beach with your girlfriend. Better yet, find a comfortable sex position that is less likely to hurt your sunburned skin.

Do some stretches before shower sex.

Those shower sex scenes from the movies might have inspired you to try them out. There’s nothing wrong with that if you believe you are fully able to do it. Just don’t be in a hurry, or else you might end up like this guy.

10 Embarrassing Sex Stories That Can Actually Make You LaughWhen his girlfriend finally said yes to do a shower sex, he got so excited. As they started to get horny, he quickly slipped and pulled a muscle in his leg. He ended up almost unable to walk.

Even if the incident happened almost a decade ago, his girlfriend still laughs at him every time they remember the scene.

Lesson: Do some stretches before doing sex acrobats.

If you want to kill the mood, use social media.

Your wife or girlfriend already knows that you’re a social media geek. But for heaven’s sake never bother telling them about it, especially in the middle of your sex.

This guy is just so excited about his social media presence that during sex he reminded his wife to like and subscribe. That’s all it takes to kill the mood.

Lesson: Focus!

Spiderman fanatic.

It’s common for boys to pretend they’re movie heroes during their playtime. Even if you’re no longer a boy, you still can act out your fantasy as long as your girl goes along and pretends she’s your superhero love interest.

This woman shares how she could not forget a guy who wants her to believe he is Spiderman. Her Spiderman called her Mary Jane while having sex with her and even pretended to shoot web to hold her hands in place. To make it more believable, he started asking her detailed comic book storylines as he grunted on top of her. She considers the experience as most cringeworthy.

Lesson: If you want to be remembered by a woman, do something differently.

Sex in nature is exciting but not when you have allergies.

There’s nothing as relaxing as when you’re in nature with someone dearest to you. A guy sneaked into the woods in the middle of the night with his girl. The scene was graced by the running waters from the stream nearby, the soft grass, and the dim moonlight above.

It’s a perfect setting for romance and the duo ended up having sex until he had his allergy attack.

Lesson: Sex in nature is not always a good idea when you have allergies.

Pain and pleasure can go hand in hand at times.

There are just moments when you’re not so lucky. This guy was having a hot sex with his girlfriend when he felt a stabbing pain in his side. As he could no longer hold the pain, he suddenly pushed his girlfriend off of him and started to throw up. She began to ride again but this time to the hospital with him. He had serious kidney stones problem.

Lesson: Try to be as healthy as you can.

Sex on a motorbike.

You can be a bit more adventurous and try sex on a motorbike. Just don’t do it when you’re a bit tipsy, though.

This guy started to get horny with his girlfriend on a motorbike. However, the bike fell over. Luckily, they fell in the bushes nearby and didn’t hurt themselves.

Lesson: Don’t drive when you’re drunk.

Wild sex can break a jaw.

Literally, your girlfriend can break your jaw if you’re not too careful. This guy was having sex with a lady friend when he carelessly pinned her arms in an uncomfortable position. As she tried hard to free her uncomfortable arms, she accidentally hit his jaw. And it makes a clicking sound everytime he bites down too hard after that.

Lesson: Don’t make her feel uncomfortable.

Wrong parking.

10 Embarrassing Sex Stories That Can Actually Make You LaughWhen you feel horny inside the car with your girlfriend, make sure your car is parked right, or else, some police officers may help your naked butt get on the right side of the road.

While having sex with his girlfriend inside the car, a police officer pulled up. His girlfriend quickly pushed him off and rolled into the space between the seats. Right then, the officer looked through the window with his flashlight and into his fully naked body while he sat motionless. The officer looked at him and said he’d parked in the wrong side of the road. He answered in surprise, “I’ll move it, I’ll move it.”

Lesson: Always park your car on the right side of the road.

I love you, body fluids and all.

It takes true love to agree to have sex with someone who carries with him an ileostomy bag. This woman’s partner has an ileostomy bag attached on his skin, which didn’t cause any problems in their previous sexual intimacy.

But for this night, the tipsy couple agreed to have sex with the lights off. He was on top of her in total darkness. After he finished himself off all over her face and torso, she felt an unusual amount of fluid covering all over her. When they turned the lights on, they saw she’s covered with shit and cum. They shared a good laugh about it.

Lesson: When you have an ileostomy bag, never turn the lights off.

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